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  1. Got some updates! First off, thanks to feedback we now have hit/block animations! Second, don't play with fire people.. you may get burnt!
  2. Depending on the time of day and/or weather conditions, your open world travels will be accompanied by friendly clouds overhead!
  3. Your adventures will have you cross paths with all sorts of strange characters! What strange new characters would you all like to see in Naima's Melody?
  4. Hey everyone! We have a brand new teaser (our longest one yet) of the open world travel system. It includes horseback riding, some nature, as well as various things you can encounter in Naima's Melody!
  5. Naima's Melody starting intro/title screen! Enjoy :D
  6. I was just planning my next post to be a boobs post. On a serious note, thanks for the support. I just checked out your game and that battle system was really unique and impressive too. The hardest thing to do with RM is make a battle system that is truly interesting, IMO. Time Fantasy assets are hard to beat. Eventually we would like to create our own unique assets, especially now with Wilson on the team, but Time Fantasy is so vast and ready to go it just makes sense for this project to use that and save some time. Plus finalbossblues patreon is really a steal (2-3 asset addons released a week). Thanks again man and best of luck with your project! :D
  7. bazrat

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Diggin' that battle system! :D
  8. Hey everyone! :D Thought it would be appropriate to introduce our teams pixel artist, Wilson Scarloxy. He has been in pixel art for awhile now and has a nice collection pack he sells on itch.io. While we do use Time Fantasy assets from Jason Perry, Wilson and other artists ( special shout out to CChameleon :D ) help add the little details that bring the game to life. Here is a video of our most recent detail added to Naima's Melody, death animations!
  9. UPDATE: Adding a gameplay teaser we put together, enjoy! :D
  10. SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this dark force, and restore the Great Spirits to their former selves. He must do this while also racing to prevent a war from breaking out, as the princess of the Kingdom of Meridia prepares to avenge the death of her father, killed under mysterious circumstances. FEATURES - Travel across an open world on foot or on horseback. - Day/night cycle combined with dynamic weather will make for an immersive experience. - Push, pull, climb, and swim! There are many options to engage with your environment. - Discover a multitude of secrets—hidden caves and dungeons provide rare rewards. - Mini-games and side quests. - Custom inventory. PROJECT INFO Naima's Melody is being developed in RPG Maker MV. The game has been in development for 4 months so far and features a ton of custom resources and scripts. We are two developers that are very passionate about this project and especially excited to develop something that most believe is too difficult if not impossible in RPG Maker. If you like what you see here please follow our game studio's twitter to keep updated on the development progress: Twitter SCREENSHOTS VIDEOS CREDITS We plan to keep post updated with current developments, thanks for stopping by!
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    RMMV Plugin Scripting Tutorials

    probably no reason to have this post anymore since he took down his videos..
  12. try $gamePlayer._x and $gamePlayer._y