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  1. First off, I'm very new to coding business. Really sorry for the noob question.. So in a game I'm currently working on for the sake of making the luck stat useful as well as clarity, I intend to make my debuff rate more or less works with a formula like "Debuff total chance = Fixed % from skill + (user.luk - target.agi)%" I've looked up the forums and suspect that 'target.debuffRate(effect.dataId) * this.lukEffectRate(target)' in the rpg_object.js would be my go to script to change. But when I change target.debuffRate(effect.dataId) * this.lukEffectRate(target) into target.debuffRate(effect.dataId) + this.lukEffectRate(target) there seems to be no change of percentage to the debuff rates in my playtesting, (even when after I set the difference between luk and agi into '100' or '(100)*001'). Am I looking at the wrong script? or is there anything else I need to do for that '+' to work?