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  1. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    That's about as perfect as it possibly could have been, so thank you! I figured I wouldn't be able to have Revival Skills/Items cause instant death to Zombies anyway, since Revival isn't linked to any of the Parameters. Literally the only issue with this snippet is that it also causes other states that use the HRG Parameter, such as Poison, to have an opposite effect.
  2. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have a solution to a minor problem I'm having with my Zombification State. As it is right now, it works nicely in that it causes any and all healing, whether it be from items or magic, to be taken as damage. The problem I have with this is that it only registers healing that links to the REC Parameter (Recovery) and therefore does not reverse the effect of HP Regen or Revival Skills/Items. I'm not too bothered about Revival Skills/Items since I can just use healing skills to deal damage, but I would like Zombification to reverse the effect of Regen so that it acts more like poison if the target is a Zombie. This would also involve making Regen work normally again if Zombification was removed. I've played around a little with the script snippet that I'm using for Zombification at the moment, but I can't really figure anything out. I'll leave the snippet below if it helps, but don't credit me for creating it, because I didn't. I'd prefer not to have to get an entirely new script to make this work, and would much more prefer to just add another snippet to work for Regeneration, but I don't know if that's possible. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Zombie.txt