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  1. Chaos Krux

    Struggling to find a Match

    Sorry, me again. I do hope I'm not being a bother... At the moment, I'm trying to find a battler than at least vaguely matches a character from my project. There will come a point in my project where this particular character will be fought, but I so far haven't been able to find a battler that looks anything like the character. I suppose you could call this a request... Maybe? But I thought I'd put it here just in case... I'll leave a picture of the character's face and character graphics here, and if any of you lovely people could find a battler to match, I would be ever so grateful to you! It would be nice if the battler fits in with the style of RMVXA, but I can probably work with almost anything. Thanks in advance! Edit: If it helps, the character's weapon is supposed to be a crossbow or rifle of some sort... I did find a battler that I could use if I had no better alternative, but it is far from ideal... I'll add that battler here as well to provide a basic idea, but I'd prefer not to end up using it if possible...
  2. Chaos Krux

    Help with some debuff

    I Imagine you can probably do this with common events. Make a common event that checks to see whether the target actor has the Fire Shield state, and make it so that the attacking enemy with receive the burn state if they do. You'd have to add a placeholder state to all of the enemies attacks that can be used in a conditional branch to check the target, as well as the targets current states. You would also have to do something similar to ensure that the correct enemy is affected by the state. This could all be done with variables in conditional branches. Sorry if this all sounds confusing... There's probably an easier way, but this is probably how I'd do it... I'll leave something similar below if it helps... Just take the template and modify it to suit your own needs... Hope it helps...
  3. Chaos Krux

    Thunder Spirit Battler

    Just like last time, it was just me being dumb... Thanks! I found one that should work perfectly! From the same person, no less!
  4. Chaos Krux

    Thunder Spirit Battler

    Thanks for the website... I did find one or two that I could use, but the problem with that website is that most of the images seem to have inconvenient backgrounds... As in I would have to paint around the image so that I can make the entire background transparent in RPG maker... I can do that if I must, but an alternative would be ideal...
  5. Chaos Krux

    Thunder Spirit Battler

    Hi, might I ask for the assistance of the general populous once more? RPG Maker VX Ace has Battlers for a Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, and Wind Spirit type Enemy by default, and I can also use other battlers in the base resources for Light and Dark. The problem is Thunder. In my project, summons can be fought and subsequently obtained throughout the game that are linked to certain elements, and Thunder is the only one I don't have a battler for. If anyone has any idea of where I can find something that might work as a Thunder Spirit Battler, I'd appreciate the help. It would also be nice if the battler matched the style of the ones from VX Ace, so it doesn't look out of place. Thanks! Edit: I realise Programming probably isn't the best place to post this, but I didn't realise it was under Programming until after I posted it, and I'm not sure if there's a way to move it... Sorry!
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      Aw, thanks sweetie...

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      *randomly hugs both of you as well!* What? I wanted to be part of the moment.

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  7. Chaos Krux

    Starting off

    Hello, sweetie! I'm sure everyone here will be more than happy to help, if they can.
  8. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    That's right, Phoenix. Only, since RPG Maker has no way of implementing that by default, I set Doom up so that it takes 25% of a character's MAX HP over 4-5 turns. It doesn't kill them, but It'll take their HP down to 1 in just a few turns if nothing is done about it. When a character is Zombified, they are healed 25% of their MAX HP each turn instead, as well as being immune to instant-death attacks.
  9. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

  10. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    Sorry for being a bit dumb, but this didn't work... I probably just put the lines in the wrong place in the script, but the way I did it, nothing changed... Poison was still healing under Zombie...
  11. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    I haven't got a clue how scripting and damage checks work, and I'm way more familiar with Common Events anyway... I mean, I was kinda forced to be decent with common events because I needed a summoning system for my project, and none of the summoning scripts seemed to work... If I can make summoning work, this shouldn't be too bad... Thanks, though.
  12. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    I suppose so, though that would mean that every item or skill that revives would have to be reworked with common events, right? I might try that when I have a few minutes spare... Sounds easy enough, if a little less fluent than using the default HP recovery...
  13. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    That's about as perfect as it possibly could have been, so thank you! I figured I wouldn't be able to have Revival Skills/Items cause instant death to Zombies anyway, since Revival isn't linked to any of the Parameters. Literally the only issue with this snippet is that it also causes other states that use the HRG Parameter, such as Poison, to have an opposite effect.
  14. Chaos Krux

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have a solution to a minor problem I'm having with my Zombification State. As it is right now, it works nicely in that it causes any and all healing, whether it be from items or magic, to be taken as damage. The problem I have with this is that it only registers healing that links to the REC Parameter (Recovery) and therefore does not reverse the effect of HP Regen or Revival Skills/Items. I'm not too bothered about Revival Skills/Items since I can just use healing skills to deal damage, but I would like Zombification to reverse the effect of Regen so that it acts more like poison if the target is a Zombie. This would also involve making Regen work normally again if Zombification was removed. I've played around a little with the script snippet that I'm using for Zombification at the moment, but I can't really figure anything out. I'll leave the snippet below if it helps, but don't credit me for creating it, because I didn't. I'd prefer not to have to get an entirely new script to make this work, and would much more prefer to just add another snippet to work for Regeneration, but I don't know if that's possible. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Zombie.txt