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  1. Chaos Krux

    Summon System Assistance

    Thanks you all for your efforts. I've actually found a solution to this problem that does exactly what I want it to do thanks to a very special friend of mine.
  2. Chaos Krux

    Summon System Assistance

    Wait, seriously? I'll have to try this... I have practically no in depth scripting knowledge so I'd never have known about this sort of thing. I was actually kinda proud of the jarbled mess that is the current summoning system up until it broke. If this works, it would make the entire summoning system so much simpler. I'll try it and get back to you.
  3. Chaos Krux

    Summon System Assistance

    Thanks for your feedback. I did say it may not be the prettiest thing out there. For starters, only one of the Area Party Members with the Variables are ever in the party at any given time. Essentially the game has certain areas where an additional member is added to the party, but there's only ever one of these special characters in the party at any given time. For exceptions to this, switches are used instead of variables. For example Flow and Mrs Moonlight both use switches due to the fact that they can appear in the party alongside Monique and Francia-Midna respectively. Otherwise, only one of the characters is ever present, or none at all. As for the ordering of characters, the basic order is Jason, Ryan, Charlla, Luna, Lomendres, Devora, Aki and finally Selina. The first four characters in the party are the active battle team (Which should be Jason and then three others) If any of the special characters are in the party, they are placed between Luna and Lomendres and the party size is increased accordingly to fit the extra characters in. Jason is always locked to party slot 1, meaning he is meant to be the character that the player controls on the map. The special characters are likewise locked into the 5th or 6th slot depending on the character. (Flow and Mrs Moonlight go in the 6th slot if Monique or Francia-Midna are already present in the 5th) Before it broke, the system was supposed to add the characters back into the party in the order above, starting with Jason and ending with Selina. Now it adds them randomly which causes problems with Jason and the special characters being locked into their slots. The seven other characters could technically be add to the party in any order since they aren't locked and can be swapped mid battle if need be. The only reason why this is even an issue is because of Jason and the special characters. Does that help? Or even make sense?
  4. Chaos Krux

    Summon System Assistance

    Hello again, it has been a while. I typically only come here when I have an issue that I need the help of smarter people to solve, so it makes sense that I don't post too often. Still, as yet another example to support my theory that I'm far worse at this than I thought, I have another problem. Sorry~ I have a summoning system in my project that runs entirely off of a series of common events. It probably isn't the most efficient or prettiest system out there, but it worked perfectly well for what I wanted it to do. That is until recently. The system is done in a way that is supposed to remove the party members one by one, excluding the summoner, and then add the summoned character into the party before then removing the summoner. Once the summon is dismissed or the battle ends, the party is supposed to reappear in the order that they joined the party. For the purposes of this example, that would be Ryan, then Jason, then Charlla, Luna, Lomendres, Devora, Aki and then finally Selina. There are other characters in between that only appear in certain areas, but those eight are the main party. The problem I'm having now is that the system has ceased functioning correctly. Now, even though the summon itself still works perfectly fine, when the summon is dismissed or the battle ends, the character reappear in the party in a randomised order. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem if not for the fact that party members are supposed to stick in certain slots for the most part. Jason is always meant to be locked in the 1st party slot, and any of the characters listed that I didn't mention above are always meant to be in the 5th or 6th party slot. Due to the fact that the system recently broke for some reason, this is now messed up and characters end up in randomised slots, meaning that certain characters sometimes get locked out of the active party. Not to mention the fact that this can lead to multiple copies of certain characters appearing in cutscenes. As I said, it was working perfectly fine until recently. I am not entirely certain, but I believe it may have broken when I added the "If X Character is in Party" conditional branch, though I'm not sure why adding that one thing would have broken it to this degree. I could try removing these branches and returning it to its original state, but that would mean forcing summoning to be disabled whenever even one character is absent from the party, which would suck. Any help any of you can give would be greatly appreciated. The three images below are the Common Events for the Summoning System. The first is the one called by the Summon Ability, the Second Triggers after a battle has ended, and the third is called by the Dismiss Ability.
  5. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I imagined it might be. As I said, I'm not using that feature so it doesn't effect me. And even if it did, it's clearly nothing that's wrong with your script. Trns out there was never really anything wrong with it to begin with. Just my own incompetence again~ Sorry~
  6. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Hey, look at that, you were right~ Again~ I just tried changing the scope all the abilities that were breaking so that they are now not set to "none". I originally set them to none because they were running common events and have no effect on the actors or enemies themselves. Turns out, that was the problem. The abilities all seem to work just fine again now, so thanks a bunch~ I imagine it probably broke since DoubleX's script affects battle targets for abilities, so abilities that are set to none might interfere with that somehow? Either way, your assistance is appreciated, everybody. As a side note, this doesn't affect me since I don't use it, but since DoubleX is here I might as well bring it up. The "Ignore Self" command seems to crash the game if the victim of the status effect is the only target available. I had it happen once where a party member tried to use a damaging ability on its allies while all its allies were dead, which caused the game to softlock. As I said, it doesn't really bother me, and it's entirely possible it's just something to do with the other scripts I have, and/or even just me being dumb again in some way. Still, I thought I'd mention it.
  7. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Hm... Not exactly ideal to fix an issue with one script by adding another, but if you think that would help I might try it. I wouldn't mind this happening as much if the common events had always been faulty. The only reason this is even an issue to begin with is that they worked fine before. In terms of common events running after battles are over, I have experienced this too. However, in all my testing of anything ever, common events that are linked to abilities always seem to run during battle. It's only common events that are linked to switches that seem to run after battle. That's how my summoning system works actually. The only reason the summon doesn't disappear immediately after it is summoned is that the common event which ends the summon is linked to a switch, meaning it triggers after the battle is over. But the abilities that actually carry out the summon should run the common events during battle...
  8. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Very well, I shall take some screenshots of the events in question and leave them below. As I've said before, the summoning system and teleport system have both worked perfectly well until now,, so I'm not entirely sure what would be causing an issue. Either way, here: I hope this is helpful~ By the way, I am aware that there probably is a more efficient method of setting up a summoning system, but none of the scripts I tried for that purpose seemed to work for me and this setup has worked just as I wanted it do since I first implemented it, so I'm fine with this.
  9. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    The skills I'm talking about do not have any other effects besides running the common events, no. However, they have all worked flawlessly up until I added the confusion edit script.
  10. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    My apologies, it wasn't supposed to be rude~ I just have a habit of using phrases such as that. I'll also at DoubleX's script to the list. Thanks
  11. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I'm actually not using a script for my summoning system, it's all done through common events and troop scene events. I'm far better at using common events than coding, you see. I am unfortunately unable to provide a copy of my game since the laptop I'm currently using is unable to condense it. My apologies for the inconvenience, but the best I would be able to do is provide a list of all the scripts I have in my project. I realise this may not be particularly efficient, but I really have no better alternative at this time. I imagine a majority of these scripts will have absolutely no impact on yours whatsoever, but I just wanted to be safe and list them all. I apologise again for it being so much at once. I should also say I didn't mean to cause any offence. I'm sure this issue has less to do with your script and more to do with something else.
  12. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Yikes, this is unfortunate. I hate to beat a dead horse, but it turns out DoubleX's script has a pretty major flaw that I only just noticed... It, for some undetermined reason, causes any combat abilities that use common events to stop working altogether. The game acts as if no action was inputed at all. It doesn't even take any MP or TP away from the user. This is particularly annoying since I have a summoning system that works almost exclusively through common events. I've had to remove the script for now, and the abilities work like normal again. I realise it's been a while since I originally posted this question, but if anyone could find a solution that would allow me to use this script without it breaking the game, that would be very much appreciated. I have saved the script to my computer elsewhere, so I can put it here if anyone needs it.
  13. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I found Doublex's Confusion Edit Script. It does almost everything I wanted it to do above.
  14. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    After much trial and error and a long time of searching, I have managed to find a script that performs quite well. While it's not perfect, it does what I wanted it to do well enough. Thank you for your time anyway~
  15. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Now I've been confused~ This is the problem with asking for help from people smarter than me~ I really have no idea how I would go about swapping those two things or anything like that without breaking the game by accident. I'm sure that probably would work if I knew how to do it, but I'm really quite a novice at anything to do with code. Thanks for your time, though~ Perhaps I might look into it, but I doubt I could get it to work.