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  1. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I found Doublex's Confusion Edit Script. It does almost everything I wanted it to do above.
  2. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    After much trial and error and a long time of searching, I have managed to find a script that performs quite well. While it's not perfect, it does what I wanted it to do well enough. Thank you for your time anyway~
  3. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Now I've been confused~ This is the problem with asking for help from people smarter than me~ I really have no idea how I would go about swapping those two things or anything like that without breaking the game by accident. I'm sure that probably would work if I knew how to do it, but I'm really quite a novice at anything to do with code. Thanks for your time, though~ Perhaps I might look into it, but I doubt I could get it to work.
  4. Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Oh boy, back again... If it wasn't apparent how comically inept I am at coding and scripting, here's more proof~ I do feel quite bad continuously asking for so much, but of course you're all quite welcome to just ignore this and go about you day~ I'll get to the point. I'm sure most of you know that Confusion in RPG Maker makes the victim attack any, be it their allies or their enemies, regardless of player input. I have altered my version of confusion so that the victim always targets their allies, and this state works well for a majority of the game. However, I was wondering if there might be away to improve the effect of confusion beyond simply attacking one's allies. More specifically, I would like to create an alternative version of the confusion state (perhaps named something like infatuation) that causes the victim to actually use their abilities instead of simply using their normal attack. Even more specific than that, I'd like the victim to be able to use positive spells, such as buffing or healing spells, and perhaps even items on their enemies. It would be completely fine if this effect replaced the effect of causing victims to attack their allies. Essentially this status would turn its victim into a source of buffs and healing for the enemy team. Think Brainwash from Persona or Confusion in certain Final Fantasy Games. I am almost positive that such an elaborate setup would need a script, but I have been unable to find anything of the sort so far. So I thought I'd try my luck here. As always, any and all help any of you could give me would be very much appreciated~
  5. Chaos Krux

    Conditional Branch Check for Encounters

    That's perfect, actually~ Exactly what I was looking for~ Thank you, Phoenix~ I also figured out a way to solve the issues Kayzee brought up, so it actually works flawlessly now~ Thank you all~
  6. Chaos Krux

    Conditional Branch Check for Encounters

    Well, I have already made it so that the item simply doesn't work if it's effect is already active, but I will admit I hadn't thought of the other things you mentioned. I suppose knowing whether or not encounters are on ultimately wouldn't make a difference in certain scenarios. Thanks for your input, I'll have to rethink this whole thing.
  7. Chaos Krux

    Conditional Branch Check for Encounters

    My apologies, perhaps I wasn't clear. The Repel Item itself works perfectly fine, and the common events do not need any changes to make them function properly. The question I am asking is if there is any sort of script command I could use in a Conditional Branch in order to check whether or not encounters are currently on or off?
  8. Greetings~ It is I, here to annoy you all once again with another question~ Sorry~ I while ago I made an item in my game that allows the player to disable random encounters for a limited number of steps, much like a repel item in a Pokémon game. The item, along with the common event it calls, work perfectly fine as they are. The problem I'm having is that the item also works in areas that would ordinarily have encounters disabled by default. As an example, there are some locations in my project in which encounters are disabled at first, but troops are still set to appear. This is because these areas will be revisited later with encounters turned on. However, if a player was to use the repel item in one of these locations before reaching a trigger that activates the encounters, then the encounters would be turned on automatically once the repel's effect wore off, meaning that enemies would be able to appear when they shouldn't. To remedy this, I would like to add a conditional branch to my repel common event that uses the script tab to check whether or not encounters are currently turned on. This way, I will be able to prevent the item from working at all if encounters are already turned off. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea what I need to type into the script tab in order to accomplish this. I have briefly checked through all of the sections in VX Ace's script editor that I thought might be connected to encounters, but I have been unable to find any sort of command I could use for a conditional branch. And so I have decided to ask if any of you lovely people might have a solution~ It's not necessarily a huge issue, but I'd imagine it would be rather confusing for the player if enemies suddenly started popping up in previously safe areas with no clear explanation given as to why. Any and all help any of you can give would be most appreciated~ Thank you~
  9. Chaos Krux

    Altering the Max Enemies in Battle?

    You're now three-for-three on problem solving~ Thanks ever so much, once again~
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  11. Hello again, It's been a while~ I think I'm posting this in the right place, so here goes... I feel like this is relatively self-explanatory, but basically I was wondering if there is a way to increase the amount of Enemies allowed in any given battle past 8, which is, of course, the maximum amount RPG Maker VX Ace allows by default. I'd imagine a script would probably be needed for this, but all of my attempts to find such a script have been fruitless. I have seen at least one video on YouTube showcasing a battle with more than 8 enemies present all at once, each getting their own turn in the battle, so I imagine it must be possible somehow. I wouldn't say it's majorly important or anything; just something I've been wondering about for a while. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies~
  12. Chaos Krux

    The Side Villains

    Chaos can be an excellent plot-developer, you know... I like to have multiple villains or teams of villains that are all against the player, but also do not get along with each other. Having two different villains be at odds with each other can make for some interesting plot points and character development. It's also somewhat easier to tie the side villains into the overarching plot this way, I think. That and the fact that having villains be against each other allows you to create unlikely alliances between them and either other villains or the main party. In my game specifically, most of the side villains have a legitimate reason for whatever nefarious thing they're doing, most of which are caused by one villain in particular who pops up about a quarter through the game to replace the previous main bad guy, who then turns into somewhat of a side-threat himself. Then by the end the one who's responsible for all that turns out to have been served an even worse fate by a character who, up until that point, had been an ally to you. It may be cliché, but I always like to mess around with villains.
  13. Battle Event Pages? You can set the halving thing to run on turn 1, and then have another page that says runs on turn 2 and then on every turn after turn 2 (2X1) and make it set a variable to the Enemies current HP and another to their max HP. Then have it so that the Death state will be applied to the enemy if their Current HP matches their max HP. It might be a pain to copy-paste the event into every troop, but I think I heard somewhere that there's a plugin you can use to make certain events apply to all troops automatically. I'm pretty sure this will work...
  14. Chaos Krux

    Struggling to find a Match

    Sorry, me again. I do hope I'm not being a bother... At the moment, I'm trying to find a battler than at least vaguely matches a character from my project. There will come a point in my project where this particular character will be fought, but I so far haven't been able to find a battler that looks anything like the character. I suppose you could call this a request... Maybe? But I thought I'd put it here just in case... I'll leave a picture of the character's face and character graphics here, and if any of you lovely people could find a battler to match, I would be ever so grateful to you! It would be nice if the battler fits in with the style of RMVXA, but I can probably work with almost anything. Thanks in advance! Edit: If it helps, the character's weapon is supposed to be a crossbow or rifle of some sort... I did find a battler that I could use if I had no better alternative, but it is far from ideal... I'll add that battler here as well to provide a basic idea, but I'd prefer not to end up using it if possible...
  15. Chaos Krux

    Help with some debuff

    I Imagine you can probably do this with common events. Make a common event that checks to see whether the target actor has the Fire Shield state, and make it so that the attacking enemy with receive the burn state if they do. You'd have to add a placeholder state to all of the enemies attacks that can be used in a conditional branch to check the target, as well as the targets current states. You would also have to do something similar to ensure that the correct enemy is affected by the state. This could all be done with variables in conditional branches. Sorry if this all sounds confusing... There's probably an easier way, but this is probably how I'd do it... I'll leave something similar below if it helps... Just take the template and modify it to suit your own needs... Hope it helps...