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    Resource Checker

    Okay, making progress, lol. I changed all the slashes to /. I made into the game and now when I push F5 my in-game message window pops up and says "RTP directory invalid or inaccesible." I do see in the folder it has made the resources.txt document, but it is empty other than the names of the folders.
  2. mlogan

    Resource Checker

    I tried it out and keep getting an error message. I'm sure it's something I'm doing. My understanding is that where RTP= goes, you put in the path to the folder which contains your project. But that may be completely wrong. When I put a path to my project, I get the error message "Invalid escape character syntax" followed by RTP_Directory and the path I put it in. Soooo... how am I screwing it up? (And yes, it does this with the slash at the end of the directory path.)
  3. Thank you for this info! It has been very helpful to me!
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