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    So I am trying to make a level where the player is trapped in a dark room and has to work their way out of the building. Problem is a lot of the assets in rpg maker give off a more "well lit" version of the objects. Is there a way to change the shading(?)or some sort of overcast that makes everything appear darker?
  2. CrystalDevelop

    Disappearing Doors

    THANK YOU!!!! It worked
  3. CrystalDevelop

    Disappearing Doors

    Sure! Here this is how I set up the event I can take a screenshot layer of how it appears in game if needed
  4. CrystalDevelop

    Disappearing Doors

    So I am making a really small project to learn on how rpg maker can function as an adventure/puzzle game. [A similarity I can think of off hand is Mad Father in that style]. So I thought that the simplest thing I could do is a key and door event. Player needs a key to get in [or in the case, out] of a room. I set up the event as a branching path event, if the player has the key they will be able to open the door and free to explore the rest of the level. However, when the player is supposed to not be able to leave, the door vanishes for a moment before reappearing. I am unsure if I did anything wrong in making the event or if this is how the engine works? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hello, I just made an account because I am encountering an issue in RPG Maker MV. Well, not really an issue so much as an inconvenience. I want to know where I can post it so it is not seen as spam or anything. Thank you also the issue is probably me just getting an event wrong. So hopefully nothing too serious