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  1. vDreamerV

    Corruption of Laetitia

    No problem, i love this game so i really don't mind replaying it. Thank you for your swift response and please continue the good work. edit: another bug i forgot to mention, my alraunes don't get their buff "tree spirit" when i have more than 7, didn't test it yet with 5 and 3. edit2: Nevermind, apparently it just didn't show up(?). Well it does now, so all is good. edit3: No, that was photosynthesis, my bad. The Buff for 1st and 2nd tier is there but not for 3rd tier, that is with 7 or more Alraunes.
  2. vDreamerV

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I bring you more bugs! -Arowar church again, you can't walk on the not carpet floor. -2nd. level of the Living mountain cave, the iron ore is unreachable because you can't walk on the tiles in front of it. That wasn't the case before the last update. -Sometimes Time freezes and can neither be advance through the clock nor sleeping in a bed. -Another switch related problem, the map with the wounded paladin after returning to Ramarian Keep does not update after he gives you the paladin headband in Grunhwal. -The event after Grunhwal where Riliane ask what Celeste plans on doing after beating the Cardinal: The option "You'll be there with me right?" decreases Gaia's affinity instead of increasing it. That's only a guess though whever that's intended or not. That's it for now My personal opinion about Hard Difficulty is you could propably crank it up some more, at least in the later parts of the games i don't feel much different compared to normal. The biggest difference it makes is that enimies can crit which especially early on can be hard to take but later in the game you generally have the Health to tank it. Cheers~
  3. vDreamerV

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Outstanding work, this game is just beautiful and just shy of my all time favourite rpgmaker game, Embrick of Wulfhammer Castle (rip SaintBomber). The 5 years were a long ride and incidentally you realesed the game just when i thought it would never come, but you can see where every second of it went. I just finished my first playthrough and am ecstatic to see you added difficulty options. My only qualm with the game is that there isn't as much artwork between the gal pals as the first demo let me to hope. Second reason i'm here, next to the due congratulations, is i noticed a fair amount of bugs so i saw it my duty to report them. -At the top of the forgotten tower when gungnir chooses you you recieve two of them, one equippet and one in inventory -Entering the arowar church causes you to get stuck in it because it has no exit -Saving under the wall overhang left of the arowar entrance causes you to get stuck on top of it upon reload -The non-dormant version of excalibur, that is after it was thrown into the mana lake, doesn't change Riliane's class to Battlepriest -Throwing the twinblades of levanta into the mana lake causes you to recieve a second instance rather than deleting the first one. -You can't rent a room in the Gruhnwal Inn unless you have an Inn Coupon, because the dialoge window closes after the innkeeper says the price -Riliane mentions that Gruhnwal is part of the alliance way before it is conquered -The Switch that indicates that Arowar got conquered doesn't seem to work, which causes you to be unable to enter the city again outside of teleportation -During the Siege of Ostburg where Celeste says that the tank needs to reach the gate she is shown as half-demon even if turned back into a Valkyrie -Opening the book "The Exiled Angels" from the inventory open "Cu Culainn's Fall" instead. -Returning to the Conferrence Room in Arowar sometimes causes the screen to go black. -There is an Achievement and a Title in the Rune Book respectively called "Stalwart Defense" and "Pure Death", both of which aren't achievable (i looked into the script) Okay, that's it for now i think, i probs forgot a couple but will report them if i remember or find more. Cheers~