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  1. Greetings! Just want to announce the release of 2 new plugins, a party module for the HUD plugin that can be found here. And another for a scene to showcase some images before game loads that can be found here. They're totally free, and will always be!
  2. Greetings! I'm DvLyon and I'd like to tell everyone that I'm developing a suite of plugins for MZ that are - and will always be - available for free at my website and on GitHub. Currently, there are a couple customizable HUD plugins already available, and plenty more are planned in the near future. I also work developing private plugins, assets and more. You can find me on Fiverr.
  3. DvLyon

    DvLyon here!

    Hello, there! I'm dvlyon, I specialize on making plugins for RMMZ now. See you around :)
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