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    Mario vs DMCA

    I'm making a meme RPGMaker VXAce game similar to Toilet in Wonderland and my inspiration The Youtube Poop Games focused Mostly on attention to detail, humor by running gags and inside jokes, character building & world building. The main recurring theme is memes were supposed to be funny not offend with a gameplay based on Nintendo’s classical RPGs and the ones based on them as well and there will have secret characters that are gonna be unlocked with a telltale games like mechanic Playable Characters: One of the scripts i’m looking for this game is a script that creates an encyclopedia scene with separate lists of items, weapons, NPCs, armors, stories, skills and states. With an addon that lets actors add some extra info about a checked target. This is basically a mix of CSCA-Encyclopedia and Venka’s Bestiary Logbook which also will be the beastiary addon on the encyclopedia.
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    I'm lucoshi!