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  1. Seems nobody cares on my meme game!

    1. Rikifive


      Sadly these forums aren't as active as they used to be, which is sad. Sorry about that. :c

    2. Kayzee


      Also, it's a meme game. I'm pretty sure that's a big reason nobody cares right there. Not saying meme games are always bad, but they do have a niche audience.


      I know how you feel though. My RPG Maker project is a Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike, and I am pretty sure the people here who would be interested in that is pretty much me and maybe a few handful of others even if the forums were as active as they were at their peek.

  2. When i look for help ideas nobody cares!

    1. Knighterius


      The creators struggle

  3. In my meme game (Mario vs DMCA) I want to create a mission I want to make a mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the episode South Park Go God Go XII and the episode Exit 9B from the regular show and with the Barney Bunch theme based on this The Barney Bunch = the worst gay stereotypes imaginable The main eleven Confirmed Drew Pickles Barney the "Triple Testicle" Dinosaur Dick The Clown Ronald "Penis Clown" McDonald Arthur Read Cliford the Big Red Dog The Quaker Queer Captain Crunch Chaz Finister Ned Flanders Jr. The Dancing Barack Obama Doll Confirmed The Wiggles Uncle Ben Big Boy from Rugrats Baby D The Cream of Wheat Guy Kung Pow from Clay Fighter Ching Chong Chu Dick Pickles Ernie the Testicle Smashing Midget Cranky Kong Mac Tonight Considered +=========+ Jared Fogle Lorenzo Elmer Michael Rosen Howard DeVille Waylon Smithers Subman Bertram Winkle C-3PO Fag-bot Happy Dylan B. Klebold Eric Harris Chris-chan Kirito Karkat Vantas Nick Wilde Pyrocynical Richard Spencer Jared Taylor Speedy Ceviche Guido Anchovy Edward the Gay Engine George Jammell Inspector Gadget Comrade Multi-Use Tool Zoboomafoo Optimus Prime The Cat In The Hat The Foolish Magistrate Wubbzy Bob The Builder Spud the Scarecrow Captain Jack Thomas the Swell Engine Dennis Anderson Sangay and Craig Fag Calliou Ripper Roo The Painter Tony Little BJ Howard DeVille Lucky Seven Sampson Jared Fogle Colby the Computer Psalty the "Blue Penis" Songbook Mike Enoch (The Right Stuff/TRS) Jason Kessler Justin Bieber The Purple People (Penis) Eater Doug "Fuckie" Funnie Percy "Wiener" Werner Drarney Pickles Tommy Pickles Chuckie Finster Drew Jr. Phil DeVille The grape lollipop baby (Rugrats) Big Gay Al Mr. Clean Caillou Colonel Sanders Lord Business Kaa Buster Baxter Big Macintosh Grimace Steve Burns Sportacus Squidcox Testicles Gayer Luigi Astro Boy Charlie B. Barkin Chicken Itchy Ichford Carface Satan Donald Duck Dexter Mandark Steven Magnet Prince Blueblood Shining Armor Homer "Homersexual" Simpson Littlefoot Petrie Chip Peter Griffin Krypto the Superdog Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Wile E. Coyote Foghorn Leghorn Taz The Tasmanian Devil Sylvester the Cat Yosemite Sam Marvin the Martian Woody Woodpecker Darth Vader R2-D2 Yoda Luke Skywalker Darth Maul Hank Hill Dale Gribble Buck Strickland Bill Dauterive Jeff Boomhauer Kahn Soupanousinphone Pooh Tigger Roo Eeyore Piglet Owl Lumpy Hugh Neutron Spring Man Blathers Archy the Farting Horse Dylan B. Klebold Eric Harris Kanye Kingston Livingston III Kip Kinkel Richard Spencer Archy the Farting Horse B.J. Dick Dastardly The Annoying Orange Sheldon Cooper Timmy Turner Cosmo Chris Griffin Stewie Griffin He-Man God Rabbit Ed Edd Eddy Herb Cookie Peter Griffin Oolong Otokosuki Plant Man Osamu Tezuka D.R.E.W.B.O.T. 69 BARNEYTRON 420 Magus Maebara Keiichi Big Bird Lincoln Loud Sheldon Cooper Gurio Umino Dr. Kawashima Tinky Winky the Teletubby Bud Dink Ernie the Giant Chicken The Senior Barney Bunch - The Old Men Equivalent of Barney Bunch Confirmed Lou Pickles The Original Barney Willard "The Original Ronald McDonald" Scott Cap'n Cuttlefish View Askew Professor Elefun or Dr. Elefun Fred Rogers Dave Read Herbert the Pervert Ned Flanders, Sr. Grandpa Phil Jasper Hans Moleman Woody Allen Uncle Grandpa Carter Pewterschmidt Grandpa Boris Kropotkin The Quaker Queer's Father The Ketchum Klan = Foot fetish people who are the opposite of the Barney Bunch Confirmed Ash Ketchum Stu Pickles The Betty Bunch = The Female Counterpart of the Barney Bunch Confirmed Betty DeVille (leader) Didi Pickles (2nd in command) Considered Kira Finster-Watanabe Velma Dinkley Cindy Bear Angela Anaconda Miley Cyrus D.W. Read Rosechu Sofia the First Princess Elsa Princess Anna Otachi Wii Fit Trainer Hello Kitty Hiedi Dorothy The Dinosaur Astrid Girl Baby Bop Lala the Teletubby Po the Teletubby The Birdo Bunch = an organization made for Birdo Doge Duck Hunt Duo Quagmire Popeye the Sailor Huckleberry Hound Mr. Slave Robbie Rotten Bert Peppa "CutieGross" Pig Gay Peter Doraemon Rick Sache Morty Gumby Yamcha Wizbit Hughjelz Notronbo Eliza Thornberry Darwin Thornberry Jolly Roger aka Jolly Dodger Merry Maggie Malpass Angelica Pickles The Pubic Family = The are like the Fuckification of the silent hill monsters Pube Muppet - Kermit Pube Piggy - Miss Piggy Pube Jason - Gonzo Pube Chicken - Camilla Pube Janice - Janice Pube Beaker - Beaker Pube Puppy - Rowlf Pube Nerd - Scooter Pube Skeeter - Skeeter Pube Fozzie - Fozzie Pube Swedish Chef - Swedish Chef Pube Lew - Lew Zeland Pube Animal - Animal Pube Constantine - Constantine Pube Mahnestro - Mahna Mahna Pube Snowth - A Snowth Pube Moopet - Kermoot Pube Canary - Big Bird Pube Elmo - Elmo Pube Grover - Grover Pube Cookie Monster - Cookie Monster Pube Fairy - Abby Cadabby Pube Petey - Red Fraggle Pube Disney - Mickey Mouse Pube Duck Balls - Donald Duck Pube Duck Vagina - Daisy Duck Pube Goofy Poopy - Goofy Pube Venis the Penis - Plut Pube Penis Pete - Big Bad Pete Pube Bunny - Bugs Bunny Pube Daffy - Daffy Duck Pube Leghorn - Foghorn Leghorn Pube Coyote - Wile E. Coyote Pube Tasmanian - Taz Tasmanian Pube Sylvester - Sylvester J. Pussycat Pube Yosemite Sam - Yosemite Sam Pube Martian - Marvin the Martian Pube Bird - Woddy Woodpecker Pube Penguin - Chilly Willy Pube Panda - Andy Panda Pube Walrus - Wally Warlus Pube Buzzard - Buzz Buzzard Pube Gator - Gabby Gator Pube Kreuger - Freddy Kreuger Pube Voorhees - Jason Voorhees Pube Freddy - Freddy Fazbear Pube Jeff the Killer - Jeff the Killer Pube Kimura - Kimura from Azumanga Daioh Pube Plumber - Mario Pube Yogi - Yogi Bear Pube Caveman - Fred Flintstone Pube Simpson - Homer Simpsons Pube Griffin - Peter Griffin Pube Ogre - Shrek Pube Pickles - Drew Pickles Misc Organizations The Bravo Bunch = The version of the Nega Barney Bunch The Obama Bunch = The Black equivalent of the Birdo Bunch The Humongous Bunch = The Villans The Garfield Gang = Hippies The Burnley Bunch = Villagers at the Burnley's Wall The Trump Bunch = ??? Look on for help in choosing http://thebb.fandom.com/ Images for assist in choosing:
  4. Lucoshi

    Mario vs DMCA

    I'm making a meme RPGMaker VXAce game similar to Toilet in Wonderland and my inspiration The Youtube Poop Games focused Mostly on attention to detail, humor by running gags and inside jokes, character building & world building. The main recurring theme is memes were supposed to be funny not offend with a gameplay based on Nintendo’s classical RPGs and the ones based on them as well and there will have secret characters that are gonna be unlocked with a telltale games like mechanic Playable Characters: One of the scripts i’m looking for this game is a script that creates an encyclopedia scene with separate lists of items, weapons, NPCs, armors, stories, skills and states. With an addon that lets actors add some extra info about a checked target. This is basically a mix of CSCA-Encyclopedia and Venka’s Bestiary Logbook which also will be the beastiary addon on the encyclopedia.