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  1. I’m currently using RPG Maker MV to build a game and as of last week found a plugin by Galv that allows me to spawn in events from a different (event spawn), specific map. The way the mechanic should work is that the player can collect gems (little crystals) and stockpile them in their inventory. Once they get into a specific room, which is a pitch black maze, they can use the “L” key to place down these little gems onto the ground. Thus, their inventory would decrease by one gem in size (they are able to pick these gems back up), the gem on the ground will now light up a small radius and allow the player to see. They can rinse and repeat this tactic to figure out to solve this cave. The gems get spawned from the “event spawn” map into this room. So far, I have everything working except for the fact that the gems don’t light up. They appear and work in sync with the inventory system, but they don’t light up. For further context, the maze map level is set to have a picture of pure black/darkness over the screen. Each gem consists of a picture to have some light added to it. My thoughts on 2 potential issues (which I don’t know how to solve): The gem’s light (small radius of transparency) is going over the pure dark picture, thus just showing up black. (Is there a subtract feature to take away from a specific area once it overlaps?) Since all the gem’s event code is in the event spawn map, once the event is spawned to the maze room it loses all it’s event holdings and/or the event ID is different so the “picture” call isn’t working with the wrong ID. Can anyone follow up with any ideas, fixes, solutions? Would greatly appreciate it, instead of abandoning the mechanic. Thank you!
  2. My scenario: I’m not attempting to have drops after battles but instead just allow the player to drop an item sort of like in Minecraft where you can press the Q key and drop whatever item is selected, except I’m trying to use the L key to drop in one specific type of item (not one selected by the player). I’ve been using Galv’s event spawner, but having major issues with it as it won’t work when I attempt to move an event to the player’s location (X and Y). I have no errors when this is done. I know that the command block is being run, but the event just isn’t spawning at the player’s location. I have attempted a fix by setting it to a location outside of the player’s field of view and having the event that is being spawned in, autorun (i’ve also tried parallel) an event move command to have it move to the specific Player.X and Player.Y coordinates. This has also come back not working properly, for what I suspect to be the issue of it being in a different map before being spawned in. I have even tried using switches to go from the spawn event to the spawned event. I can provide more details and even show you what I mean, but I was wondering if maybe there is something I’m doing wrong. I’ll send my specific code below: “Galv.SPAWN.event(1,4,66);” which works and “Galv.SPAWN.event(1,$gamePlayer.x,$gamePlayer.y);” which doesn’t work.
  3. favbot

    Map Drops

    @Knighterius Thanks! I’ll give it a look!
  4. Is anyone aware of any plugins that can have item drops in maps? Similar to: Looking for something more updated though, that acts as a .js plugin for RPG Maker MV. Thanks!
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    Map Drops

    Is there any update to this? I understand this was written as a .php plugin. Is there a .js version I could find to use as a plugin? I keep having failures when running this. Anyone currently running this as a plugin in MV? If so, can I get some pointers.