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  1. The position has been filled. Thank you all
  2. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, so please excuse any breach of etiquette or similar faux-pas. I'm currently working on a personal and very dear project on RPG Maker MV and am looking for a programmer able to create a plugin that would change the battle system into a simple grid, where careful movement and correct planning can spell victory over even the most over-leveled of enemies. I am picturing the battle starting and all participants being transported on a small grid (6x3 or something around that line) where enemies and allies take turns and move freely (a simple OTB style turn system). Skills would have specific hitboxes (rows, columns, zig-zag patterns, etc.) and thus be avoidable in case of charge-up time. At the same time, empty tiles would have a role to play as well: traps may be hidden, obstacles placed, etc. All this would still happen in a "separate" space, very much like classic JRPG battles do. If you need a general idea or reference point from what I'm talking about, please refer to The Brad's Tale IV battle system and/or the Megaman Battle Network series (for the grid) and Octopath Traveler (for the turn system). Being completely useless and inept at any kind of coding, I'm hoping to find someone to hire here. My only requests, aside from what I've just written, is that such a plugin be compatible with Yanfly's plugins. As I have no skills worth mentioning (sad, I know) I'd be more than happy to pay for such work.