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  1. Hello all, As the title says, I'm looking for a way to add damage to skills through states. I don't mind scripting if it's needed. A basic example: The actor has a regular sword. It deals its normal physical damage when using any offensive skill. The actor gets an item that adds fire damage. While equipped with this ring, the actor then deals physical damage from the skill plus the fire damage from the ring. I'm pretty sure I would need to use states and Yanfly's element core, I'm just having trouble figuring out exactly how to do it. Thus far, I've been assigning a different variable to represent each actor's "atk" for a particular element and using a complicated damage formula that call the user's variable and targets elementRate for each element. Looking for a less cumbersome method. It's also a plus if the method can generate a message that separates the two damage types as well like: "Monster takes 'x' physical damage and 'y' fire damage". Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks