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    Kinda new, sort of...

    Superb, and thanks. It's good to be back.
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    Triple Triad Hi Res?

    Hello all, I hope this is where I should post this. The forum is so different now... I am currently trying to create a Triple Triad style game for RPG Maker VX Ace. I am using Fhizban's demo from Raizen's script. I love it, love the booster pack system. I have ran into issues like elements not working and whatnot but the base game is brilliant. Not sure if there are any updated or better versions of this, I've not been around. Basically my problem is the card images are too small. I would like to increase the resolution of the game but would that make the triad script not work, or work properly? Is there a way to increase the size of all images? Really need help with this. Thanks. EDIT; I've since looked further into this and any way possible would require an extensive project. There is one other way that would suffice... Not sure if anyone here is familiar with this triple triad version, but included is a card album system, enabling you to view collected cards and set your hand. I think an extra option should be added here so that when a card is selected you could chooses to either add to hand or view card, when view card would be selected it could use the show picture feature and there I could insert bigger versions of my cards artwork. Would be so much better to resize the whole thing but this would be enough and seems very possible and easy. Only thing is, I have no experience with scripting... Can anyone confirm if this is possible? And maybe help out with the script I would need? Should be a few lines, I think. Thanks in advance.
  3. Red Metal 85

    Kinda new, sort of...

    Hello all, first of all let me say, I've missed this community. I was knocking around here back in 2012, then later around 2015, and now I find myself back and with new projects. To be honest, I've still never gotten my head around RPG Maker, but the potential... my designs always pointed me in it's direction. I did get to grips with RPG VX Ace a little, I even completed a demo of my game. Then life, and other projects got in the way and you all know how it goes from there, yeah, I returned... now I'm head-wrecked and baffled at my former projects, the forum is completely different (can't even change my damn profile pic lol), and it's like I have to start from scratch. So. My intent is to create a game that incorporates my original concepts but condensed into a manageable and completable version. I mean, I've forgotten how to install the damn thing never mind create sprite animations! lol. But seriously what got me thinking was a game on my xbox I've been playing. A simple 2D post apocalyptic survival game, and no, not that one! Let me skip back a little... The demo I worked on last was based off Fhizban's version of Raizen's Triple Triad script for VX Ace. I completed a cozy little bar where I created all textures and sprites, music, you name it. Including around 500 cards for the game. It was quite impressive, yet... I gave up on the project because the images I created (namely the cards) were just too small, png dimensions 98x130 just didn't show the clarity of my graphic art. I looked around and noticed high res scripts, never got one, stuck with the crappy tiny box RPG Maker, could not figure out a way of combining higher resolution and the existing scripts I was using and so, fizzled into oblivion... The other day when I was playing this game on my xbox, I realized how much more cool the game would be if you could play some kind of card game with shelter members or travellers, kinda like how Rage had it's mini game. Thing is, I love triple triad. So yeah, full circle... Sorry to waffle on in an introductory post. "Im back MFs give me my guns and my throne!" Just kidding. But you can point me in the right direction where to go with this project. Where to post etc. Anyone know of nice big resolution triple triad games on VX Ace and where I can find a demo? Also can I get a profile pic?? And a coffee up in here??? Jeeez. kidding again. Good to be back guys and girls. Much love.