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    I Can't Think

    You are in a facility with the goal of completing the tasks they give you. You will be rewarded based on the performance you are shown completing them. Failing in this experiement will send some consideration for your "retirement." Good luck. Warning: May be uncomfortable depending on the type of person. Hint: You can interact with an object and then with a specific object later for more information. Credit to Yanfly and Galv for the plugins. Itch link: https://chinchou2004.itch.io/i-cant-think Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xXzxcGSarC6bKJlKzqcsaOo7zTz9qg0A
  2. Unigo115

    In Pursuit of a Dream

    Go into your dream world and look for certain dreams that'll help you with your quest. However, there'll be nightmares included as well, so you better watch out for them. This game is mainly a puzzle rpg where you'll have to do puzzles in order to get dreams. Sort of based on Yume Nikki. Credit to Yanfly and Hime for the plugins! Special Credit to Frostnoble for making the catching sequence! Their twitter is here https://twitter.com/acrimonynoble?lang=en https://chinchou2004.itch.io/in-pursuit-of-a-dream
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    Hello! I got introduced to the forums, so I hope I have a good time here!
  4. Unigo115

    Manoss (Demo)

    Manoss is a visual novelistic game with a few point and click puzzles in it. The game is mainly story-based with choices that can change the story. In the Glodju faction, Indigo is an ordinary person simply wanting to live his life, until something unexpected happens that may change the course of the faction's way of life. Go through the perspective of this character in order to figure out what's going on and maybe stop it. Credit to Starbird Resources, Whtedragon, Com_sho, and WispyVee for the tile sets. Credit to Sumrndmdude and Yanfly for the plugins. Here's sumrndmdude's website http://sumrndm.site WispyVee's Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinnerwiener Game Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12gVR67MSy1HTKbHNjVNOZF6bl7dWT3K3/view?usp=sharing