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  1. Wyrelade

    Sup! o7

    Glad to see this forum is still around. My name is Wyrelade (Last display name SYDONAY). I work on scripts and graphics.. Looking forward to do something new since I got time once again.
  2. Interested in RPG maker stuff again... Might hop in to some game project.. Never know.... I got some ideas storming in my head...

  3. This will fix the sticky problem but not some reso problems. UPDATE 4.0: Fixed some problems with other scrips. Download on the new PASTEPIN link.
  4. That's weird. Ill look forward to this bug. thanks for reporting. edit: Taisin justi huomata että oot suomalainen?
  5. Update: 3.0V Shadows now have same opacity as the event.
  6. update: 2.5V: Now you can have the shadow visible or invisible on certain terrain tags.
  7. 2.1 update out. Read changes above.
  8. BUMP: Update 2.0V is out now! added feature for EVENT COMMAND. Turn shadow on for the event with shadow_on.
  9. UPDATE: Script now 2.0V. Sprites now get disposed. You can have multiple images (more than 2). + Sound effect for each of them.
  10. If I remember connectly, there was option for turning on and off the shadow through the script. How? Actually, I have just took this script for further patch update stage. But you can either turn the shadows "OFF" always from events or character etc... I am planning to add a script so you can have an event with command [shadow] or something so the event has the shadow. (anything tagged with [sHADOW] would have it then.)
  11. Wyrelade

    Resident Evil shooting system

    Well.. yyyyyyeah it is technically possible if you go and make a sprites for the gun hold stance and everything. It's definetly re-doable if you just invest enaugh time and have the skill for writing the script.
  12. Yeah This one is actually just showing a bitmap sprite before the actual title so it's not that hard to make. I could update this later so you can have a movie or a text showing up before the title
  13. Wyrelade

    How to Create an RPG Town Theme

    It's Fruitt Loops (or FL STUDIO in short). Not 100% sure which version hes using, but I bet it's atleast 11 ( or could be version 10 too.
  14. If I remember connectly, there was option for turning on and off the shadow through the script.
  15. Wyrelade

    RPG MAKER VX Ace Scripting Help File

    Lovely thread! really easy and clean to read! This deserves all the love! Thanks for this thread!
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