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  1. Kupotepo

    Do you have RPG Maker MZ section?

    @Rikifive, I am not sure, but the official sites put MZ plugin on the javascript board. MZ also used a new version of javascript just let you. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?categories/latest-game-development-engines.178/
  2. JS Plugin (RMMZ) section would be a great idea. https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/rpg-maker-mz The plugin code is a little different than MV and also the animation of MZ is effekseer.https://effekseer.github.io/en/
  3. Kupotepo


    Welcome to this forum and good luck with your game making.
  4. Kupotepo

    Happy quarantine everyone

    Welcome to this website and good luck. Please stay safe and healthy.
  5. Kupotepo

    Hobby growing

    I am making for hobby and learning experience too. Welcome to this game making adventure.
  6. Kupotepo

    Coming back after so long!

    It is no harm to start over. Now you know more, your game will be amazing for sure.
  7. Kupotepo

    Hi guys!

    Welcome to this community and good luck with your game making.
  8. Kupotepo

    Hello there...

    Hello and nice to meet you. New people that we share a common interest.
  9. Kupotepo


    Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum.
  10. Kupotepo

    The Night Before Election

    @amerk, That is amazing of how you compose a poem. Did you write a sonnet?
  11. Kupotepo

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    @Meep007 thank you for your hard work. It must take a long time recolor all of those items.
  12. @JuJu, thank you for sharing your tips for writing with us.
  13. Kupotepo

    Amy's MV Resources

    @Amysaurus thank you for sharing your talents with us. Your arts are bright and positive.😁
  14. Kupotepo

    Chibi's Let's plays

    @RoooodWorks, I really love your LPs. Your videos are great in going through details.