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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community in hope to find support and to find a place to share ideas. As for my background, I'm 28 and I discovered rpg maker back in 2002, when rpg maker 2000 was the only thing that there was among us to discuss about. I learned to use events to the best I could trying to create an alternative battle system but around 2009 I gave up on programming because my free time wasn't as much as it used to, bringing myself to get lost in those algorithms I created and that I couldn't debug anymore. I've since lurked around various forums from time to time in order to find some inspiration that could bring me closer to that kind of creative thinking but everytime I tried to do it I ended up trying to understand that same battle system and consequently losing my motivation. Turning point was a few weeks ago when I got fascinated looking to some tutorials really well made for those like me who have just a shallow concept of programming language (I learned some JavaScript in high school) and here I am. My new objective is to learn enough ruby in order to recreate that battle system and make it better and fun to play. I'll see you around! Ps. I'm Italian, sorry for any mistakes