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  1. Hey eveyone. I am fairly new to this game. I know a bit but not like nitty gritty stuff and I need help. I am trying to make it so after I created an NPC convo with choices, one of the choices makes it so I have to go to something like a closet door or a locker to grab my school materials and transition into another area map. Grabbing my school supplies does not actually give you items. Its more or less just a pop up dialogue that happens then it transitions you to another map area.
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    Hey everyone

    Hi. I am fairly new to rpg maker. I have had an idea on a descent rpg and am reallllly trying to make it a thing. I know I will be asking a lot of questions because the stuff im trying to figure out is too random to find a specific tutorial about. If anyone can point me to the right forum to ask for help then that would be greatly appreciated.