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  1. Fan-project (ver 3.0.0) Genre: JRPG Platform: RMXP Studio: Lokator & Di.H Prod WARNING: game translation is in beta stage. The game itself is fully ready and translated to english, but wasn’t much tested by native speakers, so you can encounter various errors. Please report these kinds of things, and we’ll patch them out! Readme file inside. STORYLINE/PLOT 2304 AW. Algol Solar System. Motavia. Twenty years passed since the elimination of Profound Darkness . Ancient technologies were hidden from the people’s eyes again. Hahn Mahlay is the first man on Motavia, principal of Motavian Academy, exemplary family man and the best scientist. He starts a new organization in the east - The Guardians. Defenders monitor the ecological state of the planet and any of its deviations. Our story started in Zema, where two Guardians ready for a mission are having a rest. FEATURES The ideological sequel of the beloved series Well-designed hand-drawn cutscenes Music made with the same tools as the original one Old familiar characters and bright new ones Complex variety of battles Additional quests, a lot of secrets and references Good humor CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS TRAILER DOWNLOAD LINKS CREDITS
  2. Update 3.0 - Translation improvment - Experience and gold drop from encounters were increased - Encounters rate were decreased - Final dungeon was full redesigned
  3. I know and appriciate it. But make Phantasy Star game (even if Im not have any rights on it) was my little dream. Thats why it named Phantasy Star :)
  4. Thank you, but yeah, its just fan game. Nothing more. Like funfictions, but... the game o.o I know its SEGA' IP thats why it free and never even tried to be comercial.
  5. Oh, whats wrong with the name?
  6. English version update! (link in first post) Thanks to Anyon175
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