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  1. Hello, I'm currently looking for a way to make an image of the actor attack another actor on screen outside of battle. However, I want the attacks to take into account the actors stats. So there will be an image of two actors on screen, while the player is solving a puzzle, every time the player makes progress in the puzzle, the image of the actor attacks. I want both of the actor images to take into account their hp, defense and attack. Similar to a fighting game but you can only attack at certain times, and I want all of this to be able to take place outside of a battle scene. Is this possible? Thanks.
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    Not sure if maybe this already exists, but I'm looking for a script that is able to pull data from a fitbit, say your daily steps. I'd make a game for mobile and the script would read your current steps from the fitbit app and reflect it in your game, is this possible?