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    SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    So... Hopefully this works out the way I want it to... If anyone’s played this game yet, what do you rate it from 1-10? I already know the game isn’t very good. It was just a project a teenager made in six months, so I know nobody’s gonna Rate it that high, but tell me what you rate it. You don’t need to go into deep explanation why, I’ll probably understand. I know all the flaws but I’m hoping that some of you guys got some enjoyment out of it...
  2. SpongeBound104

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    I have a game you could stream. It’s basically my childhood game idea that I got after playing Earthbound when I was 9 or 10. The game is very silly and comedic (in my opinion). It’s hard but you’ll just need some strategies. Also, the game is basic and uses a lot of RTP things as placeholders. (For example, I used RTP sprites for fish because the original sprites got taken down.) I made the game over Summer Break and finished in early December last year, so it’s nothing special. Here’s the game: Note: There’s some romance involved in the game, but it’s just a side joke between two characters. Nothing romantically serious or Slice of life-ish is going on.
  3. SpongeBound104

    SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    -Story- In the peaceful town of Bikini Bottom, a dark omen is coming.... Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer is planning on sending all to the horror of eternal darkness before destroying the universe itself... However, an ancient prophecy has predicted that Giygas's plans will fail due to the existence of a boy named.... "SpongeBob"... The prophecy says that six boys and one girl, known as the Chosen Seven, will find the power of all eight "Your Sanctuaries" and defeat Giygas.... It is all up to SpongeBob and his six friends to stop Giygas and save the universe. They will meet new friends from other popular cartoons or games and team up with them to stop the evil that blocks light from shining..... Can you help them stop it? -Gameplay- You play as SpongeBob and his friends traveling through a large world with many things to explore. Exploring has an Earthbound feel to it. You fight in random encounters similar to Earthbound Zero and battle in a turn based battle system controlling seven characters at once! Sadly, rolling HP is not in this game, the HP and PP system is similar to Earthbound Zero. This is a simple game made in RPG Maker VX Ace in a span of 6 months so many defaults still exist. There are many similarities to Earthbound and Earthbound Zero (because the game is based on that!) such as skill names and enemies. However, this is not a pushover game. It will be unforgiving if you're not prepared! The story is about 40 hours long. There are many secret dungeons and bosses that really test your skills! -Main Seven Character Rundown- (There are many other characters but these are the main seven you’ll be using.) SpongeBob: White Mage - High HP, Speed - Average PP, Offense, Defense, IQ, PSI Defense, and Luck Patrick: Knight - Low HP, PP, IQ, PSI Defense, Speed - High Offense, Defense - Average Luck Gary: Black Mage #1 - Low HP, Offense, Speed - High PP, IQ, Defense, PSI Defense - Average Luck SquidWard: Red Mage - High HP, Speed - Average PP, Offense, Defense, PSI Defense, IQ - Low Luck Mr. Krabs: Fighter - High HP, Offense, Defense, Luck - Low Speed, PSI Defense, IQ - No PP Sandy: Black Mage #2 + Monk - Low HP, Defense - High PP, Offense, Speed, IQ, PSI Defense - Average Luck Plankton: Black Mage# 3 + Thief - Low HP, Offense, Defense, PSI Defense, Luck - High PP, Speed, IQ -Videos (Can these substitute for Screenshots? My phone can’t do that..)- -Credits- Several tilesets used from Aindra’s Corner Several scripts used from Yanfly Several scripts used from Victor Engine Music from Nickelodeon (Most Converted to 8-bit.) Several songs from Square Enix games Several songs from Nintendo games Several songs from DarkNES Several songs from Rainbowcrash88 Several songs from Kil6969 Several sounds from Earthbound SpongeBob sprites from NoJoy -Download Link- https://gamejolt.com/games/spongebound-the-attack-of-giygas/386085 -Known Issues- - Sandy and Bowser’s sprites are slightly messed up, Sandy’s tail sometimes pops up in front of her while walking, and Bowser’s too big for the Party Menu, so he covers other character’s sprites sometimes. - Sometimes, Pray and Dance do nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s a small error with a script I’m using. It’s from Yanfly but I don’t know how to fix it. - I used RTP sprites for the fish in Bikini Bottom. There used to be fish sprites but they got taken down, so I couldn’t use them. Disclaimer- SpongeBob SquarePants, related characters and places are owned by Nickelodeon. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a free fan-game and should not be sold. There are many other cartoon and video game characters that are in the game but if I put this disclaimer for all of them it would take forever! Just know that this is only a fan-game and copyright infringement for all game series in the game IS NOT intended. -Extra Notes- - This Game is basic and uses a lot of RTP things. Don’t judge the game because of that! I’m not a good sprite artist, so I couldn’t really do anything about that.... (My best sprite of Pearl looked like a gray and pink blob...) - This Game is hard and has a lot of difficulty spikes and puzzles! Just know that before you play!
  4. SpongeBound104

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I’m a teenager who’s into making RPG Maker games! After reading around the forum for a while, I decided to join In case I need advice for something. I make silly but somewhat serious fan-games about things I like (example, my first (and cringey) RPG Maker game was a SpongeBob Fan-game that was like a cartoon crossover and had the plot of Earthbound and the first Final Fantasy games.) I intend on making other games with different genres but RPG games are my favorite and I decided to start there. My games may not look epic or interesting when you first look or read about them, but I can promise you they have good stories and funny moments! So... I think that’s everything! I mainly use VX Ace. I was going to use VX but due to some limitations, I decided to switch. I hope I have a good time on the forums!