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  1. PixeLockeT

    (FREE) Dead Blue recruiting everyone

    Hello. I'm learning Unity right now for my indie game dev team's first commercial game, but I have a lil bit experience in RPG Maker eventing (not so much MV as I was XP user mainly, but I can crack MV open and help). I can also point you in the direction of learning more in game development. ^ u^ But I have questions first. I'll Private Message you!
  2. So nervous about starting my first Twitch Streams. T ^T I'm headstrong on playing a certain game for my first stream (it's important to me), but due to life event it makes it hard to follow through with it as that game and said life event are closely related.........I think I'll annoy people if I get emotional on-stream. XD

    1. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Best thing to do is separate the two things. Maybe add a small note at the end of the stream about how this game was important you, even why. From what I understand people watch other people play games to have fun, scout games they might play, or see others play ones they like. The main thing is to have fun. When streaming you want to engage the audience in your play through humor and having a good time. Getting heavy and or emotional mid-stream on your first stream might give people the wrong idea about your channel and style as a streamer.


      I feel like if at the very end you say something like, "This game is really important to be because __________. So thanks for tuning in to play with me, it means a lot." That will connect the audience with you that tiny bit make them feel like it was a special stream.

    2. PixeLockeT


      I really doubt that people would wanna hear about a recent suicide during the stream...........I may be wrong, but. Wouldn't it spoil a mood? XD Plus I can't hurt a certain boss on there due to emotions reasons too. I can be pretty sensitive when it comes to things like it, but wanted to try. Is complicated I guess. ^^ Thanks for the suggestions.
      @That One NPC

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I really don't want to sound like a dickhead, I'm only trying to help you. If you can't defeat a boss in a video game for emotional reasons, you shouldn't stream that game until you can.


      Too much baggage that has nothing to do with your audience. I wouldn't want your first stream to devolve into a hot mess that turns people off of your channel.Save that one for another time and place in your life.

  3. PixeLockeT

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    Adding it to my queue! I'm fine with even serious romance in stories as long as the whole plot doesn't revolve around just it (unless it has some really great mechanics - some dating sims can be fun and have story outside of just the romance for example which is cool!). I guess I could use a comedic game for a lighter mood. ^ u^
  4. PixeLockeT

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    Hai hai everybody! I'm a brand new Twitch streamer and I'd like to promote/play some indie games on my channel during some of my stream times. I will play anything. Any genre, however.......I do favor some genres over others. I like RPGs (any type even oldskool!), Simulation, and Horror games most. I tend to like action/adventure, epic, scary, and science fiction elements. I am not fond of slice of life or romance generally, unless it comes with other story elements, or is done extremely well mechanically (like Harvest Moon, which has just enough plot and excellent mechanics to be a good sim despite being totally slice of life-ish - basically sandbox games are great! I just don't like the petty drama/romance stuff like in those types of animu - pretty sure you know what I mean. lol) since the genre alone is boring/annoying for me. XD But I will play them regardless! I'm going to do these in the order that I receive them. No exceptions. I don't want to play favorites. ^ u^ Longer and shorter games both accepted. I just may break up the longer games into multiple streams. I don't have a regular streaming schedule due to my disabilities. But I'll try to do one day a week (the day may vary) dedicated to these indie games. And at LEAST bi-weekly guaranteed. :3 Ask any questions here. And start flooding me with your best works!
  5. PixeLockeT

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Search any parallax plugin and it should do the trick. That way you can bind your picture to the map, use fringe layers if you want, etc.
  6. PixeLockeT

    Hello there everybody!

    Welcome! ^ u^ i was interested young in game dev just like you! (wanted to make them since 2 years old) My first game was scary long for a starter (over 70 hours RPG in a RPG Maker - XP), but it was a fan game so I had a lot of course materials to pull ideas from (Dragonball Z HYYYPE!) and I did finish it. It can be tough at times to stay motivated, but - as someone who has been there starting out - the best method to stay motivated is to actually take breaks in between to do other hobbies. Not only does it give you a rest from a maybe frustrating part (for me, it was dialogue writing XD I'm better at everything else but that, which is kinda of unfortunate since I love RPGs) BUT you can come back with fresh eyes and mind and maybe see problems you weren't able to before. So level up your art and music and all of that in between. Breaks are handy. A game design document is handy too or at least that's how I like to organize my thoughts and goals, but any type of planner will work. If you break things into smaller tasks it feels like you are accomplishing MORE somehow, which leads to less "I'mma quit!" moments. Here's to you finding motivation! <3 Keep the chin up and remember you have the power. Go embrace your creative dream and I hope I can play your game someday.
  7. PixeLockeT

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I've looked at/listened to your stuff and watched your site grow throughout the years and just wanted to say thanks for your service to all the indies out there!
  8. PixeLockeT


    I'm one of the top dogs in our budding indie game dev team titled PixeLockeT. Just thought it'd be valuable to join our team here since RPG Maker is being used by a couple of our team members in their little projects as they learn the basics of game dev (I am more studying C# via Unity at the moment for our first commercially released title, but my first game was made ages ago in RPG Maker. XD ) RPGs are my personal fav genre, but I enjoy lots of other game types especially simulations and horrors. I look forward to seeing all the interesting games here, learning from everyone, and maybe even collaborating or something if that's in my team's future. ^ u^ *waves*