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  1. Summary LiArt is a Phoenix Wright inspired mystery adventure game (more akin to its spin off, Miles Edgeworth Investigations). Here you take control as Acura, a private eye who has to solve a case of murder within the mansion and catch the culprit! With her is Jean, the living lie detector who is able to draw out the lies! A beautiful detective with her trusty sidekick. A murder of a person they love by someone they trusted. Can the walking lie detector artist and the charming, witty private eye solve the case? Features - As a phoenix wright inspired game, expect to have to use your wits to catch peoples lies through PRESSing their testimonies and PRESENTing the relevant evidence to punch holes into their testimonies! - Resolve lies through art! - Different lies have different mechanics behind to solve them, some require tactical stealth action, others good ol' RPG, and more! - Game length: Its a short story with an hour or two of game play time only. - I got lost on what to do next/I can't figure out the answer... Worry not! Your inventory is updated with the notes system, giving you a general gist of what your next move should be! And in the cross examination phase you can use the "Eyepatch" to find out the answer! (limited uses) Screenshots Download Credits
  2. Hey there! As the username says, I'm Accurina. I've always wanted to make games as a dream since I was young, it was fun seeing people enjoy stuff I create such as warcraft 3 custom maps, youtube videos, etc. Even wanted to learn game development and coding too but due to real life reasons it didn't really work out. Luckily for me, I found out that RPG maker exists! I found that it was a pretty neat way to make classic RPGs and started messing around with it. (started out with RPG maker VX which I still use to this day) My first two games were... unfortunate to say the least, one had simply too many ideas and the execution+length was simply way too long and lacking for me to see it through, not to mention the lack of motivation for it - so it was scrapped. The other game I created was simply generic and bland, which was mainly made as a testing grounds to see what I could do with the program really. Afterwards, I got into phoenix wright and decided that I wanted to make a story focused game, since I've always had stories in my head I wanted to tell, and that, became the basis of my third game, a story focused mystery RPG... That I lost interest in. Before gaining interest in it again, and lost... repeating the process over a few years until today, where I hope I can finally find the inspiration to finally finish a game! Hopefully I'd be able to get it done sometime soon before losing interest in it again wew. Well, thanks for reading my introduction and I hope to get along with the people over here!