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  1. Hello~ 

    I know it's been a long since I posted on here but, I have new music!

    I want it to make music for a chase so here it is! Free to use as long as you credit me (Rail M.)


    And listen here:


  2. My main character finally has a theme song!!!!!!!!!! I've been working hard on it for the past month or so, take a listen!


    1. Kayzee


      Hmmm... Sounds good to me! It doesn't really sound like I would expect a character theme to sound, but it's pretty neat! A bit short maybe, but sometimes a short little loop is all you need. I am kinda curious as to what software you use, or vst plugins or samples or whatever... I also make my own music for my game and I am always interested in hearing how people make theirs!

    2. AOY-dev


      Thanks! I wanted something "adventure sounding" if that makes sense and, something to match the character's personality.  It's actually longer I release short loops sometimes (it's easier on my music editing software). As for software I use Music Maker. 

    3. Kayzee


      It sounds like an adventure for sure! It just sounds a bit more like title screen music or music that plays when you are departing on a ship/airship for someplace to me. I think that might be just because when I think 'character theme' I tend to think of the Final Fantasy series and it's character themes are all heavily melodic, almost like a theatrical musical or an opera. But really I think that's a kind of bias on my part, since I think I favor heavily melodic music in general most of the time. Your theme works perfectly well to set the mood and that's all you really need. :3


      Although, even though it's perfectly fine as a short loop, I do have to wonder what a longer version would sound like... Your theme reminds me a bit of one of my favorite game tunes (though the feel is different, your theme is much more relaxed) so I could imagine it turning out really well!


      Hehe, I use OpenMPT myself, mostly because I am used to a tracker-style interface... And also because it has some pretty neat features that a lot of other music software I have seen doesn't have, like alternative tunings (I am a big fan of microtonal music, and even made a few microtonal tracks like this) and swing rhythm (I don't think I use that in any of my released songs though). I will have to look into Music Maker sometime though, it looks kinda neat!


      Not sure how good I am with mixing/mastering though... I think some of my tracks can sound a bit flat sometimes maybe? Maybe it's the program I use, or maybe it's because I use a lot of OPL-style FM Synth, SNES samples, and chiptuney sounds and am usually not that heavy with effects. I have been told my music sounds like SNES music before, which is acceptable enough for what I am going for, but I can't help but think sometimes that maybe it needs a bit of tweaking.

  3. AOY-dev

    Royalty free music

    Hello~ I said in my introduction that I'll try to make assets for the community and here it is! Can be used for commercial and non-commercial games as long as you credit me (Rail M.) You can rename it if you like since the name is just a placeholder. Listen to it here-> https://youtu.be/-oW08McFGdw Download Itch.io: https://railroadstudio.itch.io/the-lessons-of-yesterday-royalty-free-music Bandcamp: https://railm.bandcamp.com/track/the-lessons-of-yesterday Thank you! -Rail M.
  4. AOY-dev

    Adentures Of Yi

    Note: This game is only 15% complete, it is not in any shape or form a finished game. Story (I don't have a good description...yet) Yi is an up & coming archer from the Cisian Empire on her way to becoming the High Archer of the Sapphire Bridge. That all change when she finds out that the king of the Cisian Empire is planning on controlling all of the cities of Lolaura by waging war. It is up to Yi and her friends to stop the Empire before it is too late. Features Original Soundtrack Turn-based RPG Mini-games and side quest Vogue and Return story Credits Yanfly Starbird mjshi PandaMaru and more! You can download it here: https://railroadstudio.itch.io/adventuresofyi
  5. AOY-dev

    AOY Soundtrack

    Hello All, I've been making music for over a year and, I have composed over 8 songs (plus one demo). I would really appreciate if you check it out. Please and Thank you, -Rail https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9bxxx_7Gng_q1HbJl4Ica9CWDJQhmK-3
  6. AOY-dev


    Thank you all for welcoming me!!!
  7. AOY-dev


    First off, I wanted to say that I'm horrible at introductions, sorry... My name is Rail and I've been using RPG Maker MV for 2 years now and I'm currently working on my first game, Adventures of Yi! I'm not that good at making tilesets or anything but, I make my own music for my games. I'll try to contribute to the community by making free music for RPG Maker games.