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  1. My main character finally has a theme song!!!!!!!!!! I've been working hard on it for the past month or so, take a listen!


    1. Kayzee


      Hmmm... Sounds good to me! It doesn't really sound like I would expect a character theme to sound, but it's pretty neat! A bit short maybe, but sometimes a short little loop is all you need. I am kinda curious as to what software you use, or vst plugins or samples or whatever... I also make my own music for my game and I am always interested in hearing how people make theirs!

    2. AOY-dev


      Thanks! I wanted something "adventure sounding" if that makes sense and, something to match the character's personality.  It's actually longer I release short loops sometimes (it's easier on my music editing software). As for software I use Music Maker. 

    3. Kayzee


      It sounds like an adventure for sure! It just sounds a bit more like title screen music or music that plays when you are departing on a ship/airship for someplace to me. I think that might be just because when I think 'character theme' I tend to think of the Final Fantasy series and it's character themes are all heavily melodic, almost like a theatrical musical or an opera. But really I think that's a kind of bias on my part, since I think I favor heavily melodic music in general most of the time. Your theme works perfectly well to set the mood and that's all you really need. :3


      Although, even though it's perfectly fine as a short loop, I do have to wonder what a longer version would sound like... Your theme reminds me a bit of one of my favorite game tunes (though the feel is different, your theme is much more relaxed) so I could imagine it turning out really well!


      Hehe, I use OpenMPT myself, mostly because I am used to a tracker-style interface... And also because it has some pretty neat features that a lot of other music software I have seen doesn't have, like alternative tunings (I am a big fan of microtonal music, and even made a few microtonal tracks like this) and swing rhythm (I don't think I use that in any of my released songs though). I will have to look into Music Maker sometime though, it looks kinda neat!


      Not sure how good I am with mixing/mastering though... I think some of my tracks can sound a bit flat sometimes maybe? Maybe it's the program I use, or maybe it's because I use a lot of OPL-style FM Synth, SNES samples, and chiptuney sounds and am usually not that heavy with effects. I have been told my music sounds like SNES music before, which is acceptable enough for what I am going for, but I can't help but think sometimes that maybe it needs a bit of tweaking.