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  1. I'm trying to make a "restart battle" system in RPG Maker VX Ace. What I'm trying to do is make a system that recognizes if all 4 actors in a battle are dead. Using Yanfly's death common event script, a common event is run whenever an actor dies. When the common event is called, a conditional branch checks if all the party members are dead. The problem is that a conditional branch can't recognize when the whole party is inflicted by a state, you can only check individual characters. Since the player gets to choose who they want to be in their party from a choice of many different characters, the conditional branch has to recognize the state of the party members 1, 2, 3, and 4, not any specific characters. So basically, is it possible for a conditional branch to check if all the party members are inflicted with a certain state?
  2. Can a conditional branch (with the use of script) recognize which party member is selecting their actions in battle? I want a conditional branch to run from a parallel process common event when the 2nd actor in line on the world map is choosing what move to make in battle. When it's the turn of the actor who chooses their actions second in battle, an event will run that applies a state to party member 2 as soon it's his turn. Here is the event processing: Basically, the order of your party's formation in battle applies a bonus state depending if they are 2nd, 3rd, or 4th to pick their actions. Each state applied still stays in effect after battle btw, and they're cleared at the start of a new battle (done via the call of another common event). With this system, it gives players a reason to change the party's formation. What would be the method for making a conditional branch like this?
  3. MasterMoes

    RPG Maker VX Ace 999+ events on map?

    Ya, I've heard of him. I'll try him (this may be my final post)
  4. MasterMoes

    RPG Maker VX Ace 999+ events on map?

    Ya, I tried looking, couldn't find anything. Well... if you know any active script writers I can commission to, tell me. Thanks for the concepts though, it was worth a try
  5. MasterMoes

    RPG Maker VX Ace 999+ events on map?

    Ah ha, very clever. I took a look at these, and I tried one. The only problem is, I can't see were the events are on the map while editing. Having to memorize every coordination of more than 999 events is practically impossible. Almost every event has a different function, so I would also have to make more than 1 map to store all the source events, and THAT would be painful to memorize which source event does what (in case I need to edit it). Also, I too try to use as less events as possible to the point that it makes the game somewhat enjoyable at least. But in this case, I need each event. They all have graphics that can't be shoved into a group of tileset sheets, and VX Ace doesn't allow that many tileset sheets unfortunately. Does any script exist that allows me to insert a character sprite graphic onto a map?
  6. So I recently made a post about being able to have more than 999 events on a single RPG maker VX Ace map. It appears so far that this is not possible, and I was wondering if someone could create a script or something that can do this. I'm really in need of such a thing, and I am even willing to pay some sort of reasonable price to get this done (it's very important to me). All I would need is something that can allow me to have more than 999 events on a single map. Don't be concerned about lag, I have fixed that problem myself. Any scriptwriters willing to do this for me?
  7. MasterMoes

    RPG Maker VX Ace 999+ events on map?

    I know a 500x500 map might seem laggy, but when I tested the game, it didn't lag at all because of the anti-lag script, so that's not a concern to me at all (but thanks for putting it into consideration). I've worked on every precise detail of this huge map for about 5 months now, so having to divide the map into different parts would take almost as long as it took to make the map from scratch. Plus, I've changed so many of RPG Maker's default game systems in my game using parallel processes that splitting the map would mess up my very precise and weird game mechanics. But as for my main point, I know people have broken the limits of the RPG Maker VX Ace Database and Editor before. Some scripts have been able to allow more than 9,999 switches and variables, and allow more than 999 maps in the game. Via script or elsewhere, their must be some way to allow more than 999 events on a map. Heck, this commercial project is so important to me that I'd be willing to commission a script for a good price just so I can do this. Do you by chance know anybody who could accomplish such a thing?
  8. So I have a huge problem... I have a 500x500 map in my game, and it just recently reached it's maximum of 999 events on the map. With my game being an open world game, I need to break that limit of 999. I've looked around for a script or add-on that allows me to go over 999+ events on a single map, but I couldn't find anything. FYI, I can't split the 500x500 map into smaller maps, it would completely break my game's gameplay system (it's very complicated and strange). Most of the events don't move; Most of them have the graphic of trees (I do them through events because the tilesets are so limited). Anybody know how breaking this limit could be done? By the way, I have an anti-lag script that works great, so I have no concern for creating lag with 999+ events.
  9. MasterMoes

    Intractable solid tileset event script?

    I'm sorry but what on Earth is that supposed to mean? Who are you even talking to?
  10. MasterMoes

    Intractable solid tileset event script?

    Ok, I changed the priority to "same as character" and now it works. Thank you Kayzee
  11. So I'm having a problem with using tileset pieces as the graphic for events. What I'm trying to do is use a tileset piece as the graphic of an event so that it can blend into the scenery of a house, in this case it's a shelf with food on it. When a certain switch is activated, the event that looks like a full shelf will turn into an empty shelf. My problem is that the switch is activated by interacting with the shelf, but RPGVXA only lets you activate tileset-graphic events if the tile being used can be walked on. This of course leads to the problem were, if I set the tile's graphic to be walk-able on, then the player will start walking on the shelf. Does anyone know how I can make non-floor tileset tile events intractable like a normal trigger-able event? Preferably with a script that allows that?
  12. MasterMoes

    I need an Xinput script

    First of all, I'm sorry if this is the wrong topic to post this in, I couldn't find any type of "commission" topic. But anyway... I'm working on an RPG Maker VX Ace game that uses a lot of buttons from a gamepad (I'm using an Xbox 360 wired controller). What I need is to be able to use the triggers, start, back, and D-pad buttons on it, since using F1 doesn't support those buttons. What I'm trying to do is, when you press a button (let's say the right trigger), it will activate an new input. Instead of activating a default input like C, A, B, L, R, and so on, it will activate a new input that can be used in a conditional branch. For example: If the right trigger is pressed or held down, it activates input "E". If input "E" is active when a certain parallel process is running, then it will trigger the conditional branch that will only trigger if input "E" is active... Anybody know a script that would work for doing this? I've tried Lone Wolf's Gamepad Extender, but that doesn't let me create new input labels (a.k.a the letter "E" in the example). If anybody knows a script that would work for this, please let me know. And, if such a script does not exist, how much will it cost to commission that script?
  13. MasterMoes

    Character select script?

    Thanks for the support, but I've already figured out my own way of a character select system. I'm good now
  14. MasterMoes

    Swapping window positions

    I'm kind of familiar with the code, since I've been using this engine for more than two years. I realize that I would have to script, which is the point, but I need to know just a small detail (if you know the answer or know someone who could answer this): would changing every x/y coordinate from a positive number to a negative number and vise versa work, or would it cause a crash? I would experiment it myself, but I'm changing the script in the middle of my project, and messing up a script for experimenting too much when you're partially finished could cause a ton of problems. Do you know if this idea would work?