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  1. MasterMoes

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    Oh, I see, it was a message error, not a discard issue. For me, the message just gave me a script eval error. I actually like this system much better in general; makes it easier for the player to see the weapon-breaking message in battle. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. MasterMoes

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    So it seems the game crashes once the weapon's durability goes down to 0 using this function. The game probably doesn't know what to do once the weapon disappears (I have it set so that the weapon vanishes once it reaches 0). Any idea how this can be fixed? (sorry I'm not very good at scripting...)
  3. MasterMoes

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    This seems interesting, but I'm a little confused about how to use this. Could you give some instructions on how to use this little script? Everything I tried doesn't make the durability go down and sometimes crashes the game...
  4. I'm trying to design a little cooking system using Selchar's weapon durability script. When a player cooks something, they need to have a certain "weapon" equipped like a spatula. When they cook the item, the tool's durability goes down by a few points. Basically, when the player cooks an item, a skill is supposed to be forced on the player. This skill takes away 3 durability points when used. The only issue is, the "force action" command doesn't work outside of battle. I tried everything, like changing the skill's targeting to "The User". Does anyone know how I can force an action onto a certain actor out of battle?
  5. I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the resolution limit on RPG Maker VX Ace. By default, a VX Ace's game resolution is 544x416. There are a couple of scripts out there that let you change the resolution to a maximum of 640x480, like Yanfly Core. The reason these numbers are the maximum is that VX Ace doesn't allow for anything higher. Most say this is due to processing issues, which makes sense considering this engine has been around for over 7 years. However, with modern technology and things like anti-lag scripts, this is no longer a problem (besides, developers should have the right to do whatever they want with an engine). By "higher resolution", I'm not referring to a stretched-out screen. There are plenty of scripts out there that change the window size, either creating black borders (like Zues's full screen++ script here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/fullscreen.14081/) or completely stretching the game window, usually making the game very blurry and eye-soring. With the 640x480 resolution, a 21x15 tile map would fill up the whole screen. What I want is a bigger resolution that will show more tiles. For example, I'm hoping to make my game's resolution 896x512, or 28x16 tiles. There have been many people out there trying to figure out how to break this limit, but nobody has completely succeeded. The two closest attempts to break the resolution have been through a script made by an unknown user and a modification to RPGMVXAce's DLL. The scripted resolution-changer can be found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/max-resolution-breaker.19336/. While it does it's job visually, it has a major functional issue. When the screen fades out during the "transfer player" command and when you load a save state, the fade out effect isn't to scale and appears on the top left corner of the screen. Additionally, parallaxes don't show up at all, even if the image is to scale with the resolution. Unless I can figure out how to solve these issues, I can't use this script. The other way people have changed their game's resolution is with a DLL modification, found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-to-use-the-high-resolution-dll.34578/. The download link to the DLL doesn't work any more. In fact, it can't be found anywhere. Any other links to this file doesn't work anymore for various reasons like outdated downloading sites from 2014 or whatever. I really want to try this thing out, but I don't know where to get it. Therefore, I'm writing this forum post to ask if anyone has a way of accessing it. Not only do I want to use it myself, but I REALLY want to create a tutorial (hosted on many RPG Maker sites) for other people wanting to change the resolution to their VX Ace games with a fresh download link for the DLL file. I know, VX Ace isn't exactly that relevant any more, but it's about time we solved this and kept it solved. So, does anyone have the DLL file or access to it? I'm posting this on RPG Maker Forums as well.
  6. MasterMoes

    Multiple Enemy Health Bars

    It's not really made of anything I scripted, HIME's script does most of the work. It's actually an illusion. However, here's the graphic I made for the first phase of the big HP bar. It looks a little bland just because I'm using a side-view battle system, which requires smaller HP bars, so I enlarged the image's scale for this post. What I did was leave a blank transparent image for the first phase, and then I used the first image for the second phase of the HP bar, which (due to illusion) is actually the second phase going down. The black HP bar is the background for the HP bar. Scale it to your liking. Hope this helps some in their future project!
  7. MasterMoes

    Multiple Enemy Health Bars

    Ah ha, it works! I made the layered HP bar look just like the one from DT's script, and made it last twice as long. That way, when the first HP bar is gone, it will recognize the enemy as dead but then it immediately gets over-written by the remaining HP from the layered HP bar! Plus, I can use HIME's enemy reinforcements script to make a duplicate of the multi-health enemy with different stats! Thank you Roninator!
  8. MasterMoes

    Multiple Enemy Health Bars

    Thanks for the recommendation, I don't know why Google couldn't find this for me. Unfortunately, the extra damage goes onto the next health bar. However, if I combine the HP bar script I have now with this, 2 HP bars can be visible at once, so that solves that problem. I'll try experimenting with it. Thanks!
  9. I'm using "V.M. of D.T's Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.9" script to show the player how much HP is remaining. I'm trying to create some enemies that have multiple HP bars, where the player has to take down each bar one at a time. Basically, I want to make an enemy that has multiple lives. With this script, I've already got the bars, but I need some way to have an enemy have two of them. An example of what I'm trying to do is like the Demonic Beasts in Fire Emblem Three Houses: When the enemy's HP bar is brought down to 0, the enemy doesn't die. Instead, one of those red crystals is removed and the enemy's HP bar is either refilled or replaced. Usually, an extra effect happens on each HP bar. I want to be able to add this feature into my game so players can't instantly KO certain enemies in one hint. I don't exactly need all of the fancy "phase effects" or a second visual HP bar, just something that makes the HP refill once or twice when it reaches 0 without killing the enemy or ending the battle if it's the last enemy. Does anyone have a script or method for this kind of concept?
  10. Thank you roninator, I don't know how I missed this. I'll see if it works out! UPDATE: It works great. Thank you!
  11. For some reason, there is no option to make an actor learn a new skill type through events. It's either through weapons, armors, states or by pre-setting the skill type into the character or class. Is there a script call that permanently adds a skill type to an actor?
  12. For two years I've worked on this commercial video game project in RPG Maker VX Ace. I released it on Steam on May 15th 2020, but I totally forgot to upload it here. I've worked very hard on making this game possible, getting permission to use some other people's resources, working with a huge collection of music teams, mastering pixel art, getting some scripting help from users on this community, and designing a fun and exciting story. I hope some of you have some time to check it out! Night Spasm is an open-world action adventure pixel-art-style RPG game that features a turn-based combat battle system, unique characters, and a dark, deep story. Take control of three main characters to restore a corrupt sci-fi/medieval world originally created to cheat death... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1291100/Night_Spasm/ Night Spasm trailer (teaser 1).mp4 Anyway, tell me what you think down below, and consider making a community post and adding the game to your wishlist, it helps a lot. Thank you all for helping, I'll be more active here once I begin my next project!
  13. Some video games like to show the perspective of multiple groups of characters in order to create more story. Doing this in VX Ace doesn't really work, like when a group of characters have the items from the inventory of another group. With this script, you can create and save parties, each with their own assigned actors and inventories. The script is extremely easy to use and very compatible with practically any other script. The instructions are in the script. This script was written by Kayzee. As the script wasn't posted publicly I got confirmation to post it. If you notice any big issues or are having compatibility issues, please reply here down below. Script (Github): https://gist.github.com/MasterMoes1/e956b56329b0b1f91e51df5fac6361b9 Thank you Kayzee!
  14. I've been looking for an ATB (Active Time Battle) script for such a long time now, and I recently discovered Yami's Classical Active Time Battle script. It does exactly what I need it to: making the player choose their skills quickly before the enemy kills the player first. However, the link to the script is dead. So my question is does anyone have this script or know where else I could find it? FYI, I tried some other ATB-like scripts, but they either don't do what I needed them to or they require Yami's script as a base. EDIT: I found the script, but it keeps crashing every time an enemy dies, and you can't use it when loading up an old save. So does anyone know where I can get a script that does the same thing as Yami's script (compatible with Yanfly's Ace Battle System) but works when loading up an old save?
  15. Not it really, it only took me about 2 years to make . Thank you for the permission. Also, I'm hosting a giveaway for Night Spasm right here: https://gleam.io/RUvUN/night-spasm-steam-code-giveaway
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