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  1. Ohhh THAT'S what I needed! I didn't even know a "fade all" command existed. Thanks a lot for your help, the retry battle scene looks smooth!
  2. I'm saying I think these scripts only work properly when it's a random encounter battle. That extra chunk of script didn't change anything sadly. Look, if you really want to help me, tell me how to add a simple fade-to-black transition after using the "Battle Retry" option in Theo's script: # ============================================================================= # TheoAllen - Gameover Choice + Battle Retry # Version : 2.1 # Contact : www.rpgmakerid.com (or) http://theolized.blogspot.com # Requester : Darken (RMID) / Agus Widhiantara (FB) # (This script documentation is written in informal indonesian language) # ============================================================================= ($imported ||= {})[:Theo_GChoice] = true # ============================================================================= # Change Logs: # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 2014.02.11 - Compatibility with TSBS # 2013.11.29 - Finished version 2.0 # 2013.02.26 - Finished version 1.0 # ============================================================================= =begin Perkenalan : This script adds options during gameover in the form of Battle Retry and returns to the game last checkpoint Cara penggunaan : Put this script under material but above main. To use checkpoint, use script call: $game_system.save_checkpoint $game_system.load_checkpoint From the name, you can see which one to save the checkpoint and which one to load. Terms of use : Credit gw, TheoAllen. Kalo semisal u bisa ngedit2 script gw trus jadi lebih keren, terserah. Ane bebasin. Asal ngga ngeklaim aja. Kalo semisal mau dipake buat komersil, jangan lupa, gw dibagi gratisannya. =end # ============================================================================= # Konfigurasi # ============================================================================= module Theo module GC # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Vocab untuk command di dalam window # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- VocabRetry = "Battle Retry" # Untuk battle retry VocabCP = "Last Checkpoint" # Untuk checkpoint VocabTitle = "To title" # Untuk ke title # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Width = 200 # Lebar window gameover choice # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- end end # ============================================================================= # Akhir dari konfigurasi # ============================================================================= class Game_System class CheckPoint attr_accessor :x attr_accessor :y attr_accessor :map_id attr_accessor :d attr_accessor :dumped_party attr_accessor :dumped_actors def initialize @x = $data_system.start_x @y = $data_system.start_y @map_id = $data_system.start_map_id @d = 2 @dumped_party = nil @dumped_actors = [] end end attr_reader :checkpoint alias theo_gchoice_init initialize def initialize theo_gchoice_init @checkpoint = CheckPoint.new end def save_checkpoint if $game_party.in_battle return end checkpoint.x = $game_player.x checkpoint.y = $game_player.y checkpoint.map_id = $game_map.map_id checkpoint.d = $game_player.direction checkpoint.dumped_party = copy($game_party) $game_party.members.each do |member| checkpoint.dumped_actors[member.id] = copy(member) end end def load_checkpoint $game_map.setup(checkpoint.map_id) $game_player.moveto(checkpoint.x, checkpoint.y) $game_player.set_direction(checkpoint.d) $game_party = checkpoint.dumped_party if checkpoint.dumped_party checkpoint.dumped_actors.each_with_index do |dump_actor, id| next if dump_actor.nil? $game_actors[id] = dump_actor end SceneManager.clear SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map) end end class Game_Temp class Last_Troop attr_accessor :id attr_accessor :can_lose attr_accessor :can_escape def initialize @id = 0 @can_lose = false @can_escape = true end end attr_accessor :dumped_party attr_accessor :battle_retry attr_accessor :actor_fibers attr_reader :dumped_actors attr_reader :last_troop alias theo_gchoice_init initialize def initialize theo_gchoice_init @battle_retry = false @last_troop = Last_Troop.new @dumped_actors = [] @dumped_party = nil end end class Game_Actor < Game_Battler def save_actor $game_temp.dumped_actors[id] = copy(self) end def load_actor $game_actors[id] = copy($game_temp.dumped_actors[id]) end alias theo_gchoice_bstart on_battle_start def on_battle_start theo_gchoice_bstart $game_temp.battle_retry ? load_actor : save_actor end end class Game_Actors def []=(id, actor) @data[id] = actor end end class Game_Party < Game_Unit def save_party $game_temp.dumped_party = copy(self) end def load_party $game_party = copy($game_temp.dumped_party) end alias theo_gchoice_bstart on_battle_start def on_battle_start theo_gchoice_bstart $game_temp.battle_retry ? load_party : save_party end end class << BattleManager alias theo_gchoice_setup setup def setup(troop_id, can_escape = true, can_lose = false) theo_gchoice_setup(troop_id, can_escape, can_lose) $game_temp.last_troop.id = troop_id $game_temp.last_troop.can_escape = can_escape $game_temp.last_troop.can_lose = can_lose end def battle_retry troop_id = $game_temp.last_troop.id can_escape = $game_temp.last_troop.can_escape can_lose = $game_temp.last_troop.can_lose theo_gchoice_setup(troop_id, can_escape, can_lose) Sound.play_battle_start play_battle_bgm end alias theo_gchoice_replay_music replay_bgm_and_bgs def replay_bgm_and_bgs begin theo_gchoice_replay_music rescue $game_map.autoplay end end end class Window_GOChoice < Window_Command def initialize super(0,0) update_placement self.openness = 0 activate end def make_command_list add_command(Theo::GC::VocabRetry, :retry) add_command(Theo::GC::VocabCP, :checkpoint, $game_system.checkpoint) add_command(Theo::GC::VocabTitle, :title) end def update_placement self.x = (Graphics.width - width)/2 self.y = (Graphics.height * 1.6 - height) / 2 end def window_width Theo::GC::Width end end class Scene_Gameover < Scene_Base alias theo_gchoice_start start def start theo_gchoice_start @command_window = Window_GOChoice.new @command_window.set_handler(:retry, method(:battle_retry)) @command_window.set_handler(:checkpoint, method(:goto_checkpoint)) @command_window.set_handler(:title, method(:goto_title)) @command_window.open end def battle_retry RPG::ME.stop BattleManager.battle_retry $game_temp.battle_retry = true SceneManager.goto(Scene_Battle) close_command end def goto_checkpoint RPG::ME.stop $game_system.load_checkpoint $game_map.autoplay close_command end def close_command @command_window.close update_basic until @command_window.close? end # ---------------------------------------- # Overwrites # ---------------------------------------- def update super end end class Scene_Battle alias theo_gchoice_bt_start battle_start def battle_start theo_gchoice_bt_start if $game_temp.battle_retry && $imported[:TSBS] recreate_spriteset else $game_temp.battle_retry = false end end def recreate_spriteset @spriteset.dispose create_spriteset $game_temp.battle_retry = false end end def copy(object) Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(object)) end EDIT: I think a transition should go in between lines 254 and 255?
  3. I don't get it. Each one of these scripts keeps malfunctioning, even in a new project. Just like the other scripts, Todd's script overwrote the save data I was testing on, and when I loaded the save data, it continued the event processing as if the player won the battle. I know this because there's a switch that activates after the battle. This script doesn't seem to do anything. It doesn't block any of the save slots I set in the array. Doesn't grey them out, doesn't stop the player from saving into the slot. I think I should have mentioned this before, but I'm using Yanfly's Ace Save Engine, which may be affecting these scripts somehow, although most of them don't function properly in a blank project. I think these scripts are made for overworld encounters, which my game barely uses. One thing's for sure, these don't work for battles processed from a map event. What I could really use though is, in TheoAllen's script, a simple fade-to-black transition when using the retry battle command. That will do exactly what I'm looking for, just a simple way to start the battle over from where you began so the player doesn't have to rewatch every pre-battle monolog.
  4. So I tested both Theo's script and the auto-save script separately in a new blank project, and both of them have their problems. Theo's script doesn't actually work; when you try and go to your checkpoint, it skips the battle and continues the event processing as if you won the battle. The autosave script does the same exact thing. I think the built-in "retry battle" options should work fine, but it needs a transition or something instead of instantly bringing the player back into battle. Even just a 1-second simple black fade would be fine. How would I implement this into the script?
  5. This looks promising. But how do I make an autosave happen? Does it do it automatically before battle or do I need a script call?
  6. I was using the script call in a common event, but even when I put it into an event on the map it still didn't work. The script call doesn't work in a new game or a save file either. I also tried placing the script on the top and bottom of all my other scripts, but nothing changed.
  7. I was using v3.0 of Regendo's script, received from the same link you have. So I tried using Theo's script, and the retry battle command works great for what I'm looking for (although there isn't any transition effect after selecting the command). However, I can't get the checkpoint system to work in or out of battle. I get the classic "line 1411" message, and it doesn't tell me where the error is located. I tried putting the checkpoint script call in a comment but it just did nothing. Even though the retry battle command does what I want it to, I still want to use the checkpoint system for future use. Have any idea what's wrong with it? Also, what would I do if I wanted to add a simple fade-to-black or fade-to-white transition once the "retry battle" command is selected? Maybe a sound effect along with it too?
  8. I tried the TDS script long ago, but it never actually works. When I select the "yes" option after dying it continues the battle processing like normal, the character still dead and the enemies the same as they were. I also tried Regendo's gameover choices script with the retry battle add-on. The gameover choices script works fine on its own, but the add-on causes this error to appear upon launching the game (line 214 causes the problem, but 213 doesn't even though they're basically the same?): But what is this script of Theoallen's you speak of? I couldn't find anything like that from him. In fact, I couldn't find most of his scripts even though I've located them somewhere before. Do you have the link to Theo's script or know why Regendo's script isn't working? And yes, I did place the add-on script below the base script and above MAIN, and I tried placing both scripts above and below other possibly troublesome scripts.
  9. Hello yall. I'm trying to create a system in my VX Ace game that allows a player to save their game before entering a battle. My current method involves a script that calls a common event before a battle, which gives the player the option to open the save screen before fighting. There's another script involved that calls a common event to check if every party member is dead, and if this is the case, the player is given the option to select one of their save files (using Yanfly's save script) or give up and get the game over screen. The problem with this method though is that the player might get themselves stuck by saving before a battle they're not ready to fight, meaning it's possible for the player to overwrite their last chance to turn around and prepare. This is especially a problem for inexperienced players. What I'm looking for is a script that creates a save point, when called through a script call, that can be called on demand. Imagine a normal save slot that can be created and called upon by a script call, but can't be overwritten or used through the regular saving screen. When the "dead party members" script call happens, when the player chooses the "retry" option, the invisible save slot will activate as if loaded through the save screen. I tried looking EVERYWHERE for a script like this, but the closest thing I found was Bravo2Kilo's checkpoint script, but that just causes the game to skip the battle as if the player won. Please help...
  10. Thank you, this should work!
  11. Hello again, I'm wondering if there is a way to disable the "pass turn" feature in Yanfly's Battle Engine script. When you press the left and right keys, you can scroll through the actors and select their skills. The only problem is that 1) it lets the player skip turns when I want the player to have to make actions and 2) when you press the right arrow key while selecting the skills of the final actor, it begins the battle sequence, which often leads to accidentally skipping an actor's turn. Here is the link to the script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/
  12. MasterMoes

    Script for scrolling battlebacks?

    I see the problem. I had done that before but then I realized this error was happening in 4 different places. I thought it was the same error not being fixed! Thank you! For the sake of anyone reading this post who are having the same issue, here is the fixed version. #============================================================================== #** NS #============================================================================== class NS; end #NS #============================================================================== # ** NS::Battle_Plane #============================================================================== class NS::Battle_Plane # Switch to Enable Scrolling Background Enable_Switch = 15 # Variables for Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Speed Back1_X_Variable = 10 Back1_Y_Variable = 11 Back2_X_Variable = 12 Back2_Y_Variable = 13 end # NS::Battle_Plane #============================================================================== #** Spriteset_Battle #============================================================================== class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #* Create Battle Background (Floor) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1) alias_method(:battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1, :create_battleback1) end def create_battleback1(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back1_sprite = Plane.new(@viewport1) @back1_sprite.bitmap = battleback1_bitmap @back1_sprite.z = 0 @back1_sprite_ox = 0 @back1_sprite_oy = 0 else battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Battle Background (Wall) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2) alias_method(:battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2, :create_battleback2) end def create_battleback2(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back2_sprite = Plane.new(@viewport1) @back2_sprite.bitmap = battleback2_bitmap @back2_sprite.z = 1 @back2_sprite_ox = 0 @back2_sprite_oy = 0 else battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #* Update Battle Background (Floor) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1) alias_method(:battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1, :update_battleback1) end def update_battleback1(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back1_sprite_ox += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back1_X_Variable].to_f / 64 @back1_sprite_oy += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back1_Y_Variable].to_f / 64 @back1_sprite.ox = @back1_sprite_ox * 16 @back1_sprite.oy = @back1_sprite_oy * 16 else battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Battle Background (Wall) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2) alias_method(:battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2, :update_battleback2) end def update_battleback2(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back2_sprite_ox += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back2_X_Variable].to_f / 64 @back2_sprite_oy += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back2_Y_Variable].to_f / 64 @back2_sprite.ox = @back2_sprite_ox * 16 @back2_sprite.oy = @back2_sprite_oy * 16 else battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2(*args, &block) end end end # Spriteset_Battle
  13. Hello again, fellow RPG Maker community, So I'm trying to implement scrolling battlebacks into my VX Ace game. I have this scene where the character says something in a battle, the screen flashes, and then the front and back battlebacks change, and then they start scrolling and looping much like a parallax background. I tried coding some manual events, but this seems impossible without a script. I looked around for a script and only found this one: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/scrolling-battleback.41844/ It seemed like it would do the trick, but after inserting it into my game, as soon as I boot up the game I get this error: I have never seen an error like this before. I even put it into a new project and it still wouldn't work. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? Or does anyone know of another script that does this?
  14. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    Sorry for the very late response, but I decided to just start the missing work over. After testing the software you all recommended, it didn't work. I've backed up all my data so it should never happen again. Thank you for the help and advice.
  15. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    That's actually an interesting idea. Perhaps it's not the data that's faulty, but the physical file! I'll experiment with that as carefully as possible. Kayzee, is this checking utility meant to find the missing backup or identify the corrupted files? I'm pretty sure I did the right thing but since nothing changed I either did something wrong or it just wasn't the solution. EDIT: This is what you were thinking of right? UPDATE: Putting the corrupted files into notepad++ just gave me a bunch of "nulls". The non-corrupted files worked fine though, so I guess this is proof that the data is gone and not "broken", but this is just through text applications. If only there was software specifically for fixing rvdata2 files, it would solve a lot of problems across all RPG Maker platforms!
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