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  1. Thank you, this should work!
  2. Hello again, I'm wondering if there is a way to disable the "pass turn" feature in Yanfly's Battle Engine script. When you press the left and right keys, you can scroll through the actors and select their skills. The only problem is that 1) it lets the player skip turns when I want the player to have to make actions and 2) when you press the right arrow key while selecting the skills of the final actor, it begins the battle sequence, which often leads to accidentally skipping an actor's turn. Here is the link to the script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/
  3. MasterMoes

    Script for scrolling battlebacks?

    I see the problem. I had done that before but then I realized this error was happening in 4 different places. I thought it was the same error not being fixed! Thank you! For the sake of anyone reading this post who are having the same issue, here is the fixed version. #============================================================================== #** NS #============================================================================== class NS; end #NS #============================================================================== # ** NS::Battle_Plane #============================================================================== class NS::Battle_Plane # Switch to Enable Scrolling Background Enable_Switch = 15 # Variables for Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Speed Back1_X_Variable = 10 Back1_Y_Variable = 11 Back2_X_Variable = 12 Back2_Y_Variable = 13 end # NS::Battle_Plane #============================================================================== #** Spriteset_Battle #============================================================================== class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #* Create Battle Background (Floor) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1) alias_method(:battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1, :create_battleback1) end def create_battleback1(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back1_sprite = Plane.new(@viewport1) @back1_sprite.bitmap = battleback1_bitmap @back1_sprite.z = 0 @back1_sprite_ox = 0 @back1_sprite_oy = 0 else battleback_C42W53GD_sb_create_battleback1(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Battle Background (Wall) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2) alias_method(:battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2, :create_battleback2) end def create_battleback2(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back2_sprite = Plane.new(@viewport1) @back2_sprite.bitmap = battleback2_bitmap @back2_sprite.z = 1 @back2_sprite_ox = 0 @back2_sprite_oy = 0 else battleback_ms67JgWE_sb_create_battleback2(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #* Update Battle Background (Floor) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1) alias_method(:battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1, :update_battleback1) end def update_battleback1(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back1_sprite_ox += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back1_X_Variable].to_f / 64 @back1_sprite_oy += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back1_Y_Variable].to_f / 64 @back1_sprite.ox = @back1_sprite_ox * 16 @back1_sprite.oy = @back1_sprite_oy * 16 else battleback_HNirC0QE_sb_update_battleback1(*args, &block) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Battle Background (Wall) Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- unless method_defined?(:battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2) alias_method(:battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2, :update_battleback2) end def update_battleback2(*args, &block) if $game_switches[NS::Battle_Plane::Enable_Switch] == true @back2_sprite_ox += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back2_X_Variable].to_f / 64 @back2_sprite_oy += $game_variables[NS::Battle_Plane::Back2_Y_Variable].to_f / 64 @back2_sprite.ox = @back2_sprite_ox * 16 @back2_sprite.oy = @back2_sprite_oy * 16 else battleback_zmrQkMCU_sb_update_battleback2(*args, &block) end end end # Spriteset_Battle
  4. Hello again, fellow RPG Maker community, So I'm trying to implement scrolling battlebacks into my VX Ace game. I have this scene where the character says something in a battle, the screen flashes, and then the front and back battlebacks change, and then they start scrolling and looping much like a parallax background. I tried coding some manual events, but this seems impossible without a script. I looked around for a script and only found this one: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/scrolling-battleback.41844/ It seemed like it would do the trick, but after inserting it into my game, as soon as I boot up the game I get this error: I have never seen an error like this before. I even put it into a new project and it still wouldn't work. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? Or does anyone know of another script that does this?
  5. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    Sorry for the very late response, but I decided to just start the missing work over. After testing the software you all recommended, it didn't work. I've backed up all my data so it should never happen again. Thank you for the help and advice.
  6. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    That's actually an interesting idea. Perhaps it's not the data that's faulty, but the physical file! I'll experiment with that as carefully as possible. Kayzee, is this checking utility meant to find the missing backup or identify the corrupted files? I'm pretty sure I did the right thing but since nothing changed I either did something wrong or it just wasn't the solution. EDIT: This is what you were thinking of right? UPDATE: Putting the corrupted files into notepad++ just gave me a bunch of "nulls". The non-corrupted files worked fine though, so I guess this is proof that the data is gone and not "broken", but this is just through text applications. If only there was software specifically for fixing rvdata2 files, it would solve a lot of problems across all RPG Maker platforms!
  7. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    UPDATE: I found this software that sounds like it would do the trick. It says it fixes "corrupted file associations" for broken rvdata2 files, but it's not clear whether this is a fix for the actual file or it's a fix for some other rvdata2 issue. To all you experts out there, does this look like something that would help my situation? I'd like to know before buying it... https://driversol.com/file-extensions/rvdata2-6650
  8. MasterMoes

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    Well, I couldn't find the old backup I had, even with software like Disk Drive. It's just gone. I do have an idea though. My theory is if I could just revert the files from before the corrupted save, I can get the data back. I saved about two hours before the crahsed save happened, so if I can get that (or literally any other previous version) I can recover at least something. Question: When a data file gets corrupted, is the information on it completely gone, or is there just messed up data inside of it? Also, I think there was some way to fix corrupted map info, but I couldn't find the discussion again, as it was a long time ago. Does anyone know what I'm referring to? Like, I still have all the maps I made, but how exactly does the mapinfo file affect the maps? As long as I can fix the map info, everything should be fine, I can redo the rest. Another note, I tried using software that would let me retrieve an older version of the file, and the most recent I could receive were versions of the files from a week ago and another one from 17 days ago. These versions actually had visible data inside of it, but it still wasn't cooperating with VX Ace. It contained about the first half of the original data, but then there is a gap inbetween the rest of the data. With these versions of the files, my data isn't lost but is still corrupted. Is there anything I can do with these restored files? Question summary: What exactly is happening when a file is corrupted, what does the map info file do, and can I do anything with the partially-missing restored files?
  9. Hello everyone, One of the worst things that could have possibly happened to me happened. I was using RPG Maker VX Ace and as soon as I saved it, my power went out about a second later, exactly at 7:26 on the 4th of February. When I tried to re-open my project, whether it was opened manually or through VX Ace, this message appeared: When I tried double-clicking the actual game application, this message appears three times in a row for some reason: Which is then followed by this error: I did some research on this topic and discovered that this happens to a lot of people, but my situation seems much more extreme. What most of the tutorials suggest to do is create a new project and move all of the audio, data, graphics, movies, and system files into the folders of the new project, which I did. The only files having issues were the data files. I learned that you can see if a data file (in "rvdata2" format) is corrupted by opening it up in Notepad and seeing if there is anything in it. Unfortunatly, these files were apparently corrupted: -animations, common events, map212, map214, mapinfos, scripts, states, system, tilesets, and troops. Usually, only 1 or 2 files are corrupted during an interrupted save, but this is quite a lot of damage. At this point, I went to go replace the empty corrupted files with the files from my backup in the "projects" folder within the RPGMVXAce folder located in the Steam folder. The problem though is that it's gone! I only have the external copy of my game's files, which has the corrupted files in it. All of my other projects are still there though, including the blank template I made to try and fix this error. I was able to replace all the other files properly, and replacing the DLL file in the systems folder stopped the above messages from appearing. Now these messages appear when I open the project or play the game: I also tried uninstalling and re-installing VX Ace, but the weird thing was that the desktop icon didn't disappear and neither did the app's local files, so I deleted them manually. When I re-installed VX Ace, my projects folder came back unchanged. VX Ace also isn't appearing in the windows search bar as an official app! Nothing changes if I enable/disable cloud saves on Steam! So my question is, is there any way I can recover literally any previous version of my project or patch-up the rvdata2 corrupted files? These data files are 5 years worth of work, and my project is practically blank at this point. Any help and advice is appreciated.
  10. Hello again, I've implemented a custom font into my RPG Maker VX Ace game (Bahnschrift font) using Yanfly Engine Ace. Additionally, I've set my game's resolution to be 928x512 (resulting in a game window size of 29x16 tiles). I'm using Zeus81's fullscreen++ script for better full-screen optimization. One of the features of full-screen++ is how it aliases the game's graphics, keeping the pixelated graphics of events sharp and clear. The event windows remain clean and sharp as well. In other words, going full screen expands the game window without any interpolation. However, whenever the game is in full-screen mode, the text gets blurry. For some reason, only the text is affected by VX Ace's anti-aliasing process in full-screen mode, whether I have a custom font or not. I tried changing the size of the font, the font itself, and the customizable settings in Yanfly's script, but no matter what it still looks blurry and ugly. I want the text to remain jagged when it generates in full-screen mode (giving it a pixelated style). Alternatively, it would work to have the color pallet remain completely white (making the gray edges white). Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  11. Wow, it worked perfectly! Thank you very much for your help both Pheonix and Roninator!
  12. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Even though that second line is a valid method within regular scripting, the "formula" type within the script doesn't actually read formulas apparently. It appears to be a simple extension with custom variables that requires a method to use: There is a special "formula" type that allows you to evaluate any arbitrary formula. The following formula variables are available a - current actor p - game party t - game troop s - game switches v - game variables And unfortunately, a skill formula variable was never implemented for this script, which makes sense because of the "learned:" type, but I guess Hime never tested that type for skills originating from a weapon. My only other theory is that the script is looking through the list of learned skills rather than the list of skills available on a character. Any other ideas?
  13. I'm using Hime's "Custom Use Conditions" script for my VX Ace game, but there seems to be an issue with it when I require a certain skill on another skill. I have a weapon that adds a skill called "axe lucubration", which is a skill that's only good for allowing a character to use skills that require "axe lucubration". The issue is, though, is that a skill that originates from an equipped weapon doesn't accomplish the custom use condition. Rather, the required skill must come from the character. Does anyone know of a way this problem can be solved? Some other things I've tried that didn't work: I tried setting the "axe lucubration" skill's availability to settings like anytime or battles only and tested this script without any other scripts, but nothing changed. Also, the skill that requires "axe lucubration" was given to the character through the "change skills" event, not through another weapon or levelling up. Script link: https://himeworks.com/2013/11/custom-use-conditions/
  14. MasterMoes

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    Oh, I see, it was a message error, not a discard issue. For me, the message just gave me a script eval error. I actually like this system much better in general; makes it easier for the player to see the weapon-breaking message in battle. Thank you very much for your help!
  15. MasterMoes

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    So it seems the game crashes once the weapon's durability goes down to 0 using this function. The game probably doesn't know what to do once the weapon disappears (I have it set so that the weapon vanishes once it reaches 0). Any idea how this can be fixed? (sorry I'm not very good at scripting...)
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