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  1. Hello, First of all I apologize if it's not the good place to post my questions. I managed to make a game to show it to my pupils and now I'm willing to create a game for them when they are at home. I'm pretty sure that a mmorpg is not the best way to do it but I was wondering if there were a way to share some informations between the character they build at home and the one they have in class. So here's what I would like : - the character at home and in school is the same - when you earn xP at home it will increase xP at school (or the teacher can see anytime pupils' xP) - when you earn xP at school it will increase xP at home (or the teacher can send xP from another way, using sheets for example) - you can recruit "copies" of the classmates' characters to do quests (so the other character are also updated at home) and the copies dont' get xP (I can do without by making copies before releasing the game but that would be less attractive Do you think it's possible with or/and without making it a MMO RPG ? Do you know some plugins I could use ? Thanks for reading ! PS : As an extra, I would like to share this game with my colleagues, would it be possible easily ? PS2 : I'm french so my English can be terrible sometimes ...
  2. Hi ! I'm facing a problem with one of my commands. I'm trying to give experience to a character. So I want to show a text and ask for a number, but the problem is that both of them appear only when I close the menu. Is there a way to force the menu to close or to show the text while a window is opened ? Thanks for reading !
  3. Hi ! I'm still having problems with the Main Menu Manager plugin. I managed to make new simple commands but not commands on a selected actor. I put "this.commandPersonal.bind(this)" in the Main Bind, and in the Actor Bind, I've tried many things that didn't work. When I test the game, the command is waiting for an actor but when I choose one, nothing happend and the music is still playing. I want to create a command to add XP to the selected character and another to remove the actor. Can you help me please ? I'm desperate :'(
  4. Hello ! As I said in my introduction, I'm making a game to present my lessons. I'm using the YEP's plugin "Main Menu Manager" and I want to make 2 commands : - One is to give experience to a selected actor - One is to delete an actor (if one of the student is moving out) So my problem is that I don't know how to apply the methods to the selected character. I was thinking of calling a common event in the "Actor Bind", and maybe put the id in a variable, but I don't know how I can get the selected actor's id. Can you help me ? Thanj's for reading !
  5. Pukurin

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    The main problem of using video games for teaching is the lack of computers at school (30 for 700 students). I had a wonderfull online game (Navadra) that was really usefull to exercise on simple tasks but the developpers were ruined and they closed the website. We can use it at school but the main interest was to use it at home ... I know some teachers who use real video games to teach, but not maths. Furthermore, all children don't like video games, and my class allow them to find other ways to learn. But I still use a lot of games in my lessons, like Battleship for point locating, and some of my colleagues made escape games !
  6. Pukurin

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    Last year I've started to change some aspects of the class by inspiring the work of a quite famous maths teacher in France and Lee Sheldon's book "The Multiplayer Classroom". In France, students are commonly evaluated with grades. The idea is to make grades on 1,000 and adds them. If you have 500 out of 1,000 and then 700 on a second test, then you have 1,200 points. You level up and still have 200 points for the next level. I've also changed some terms (activities are quests, tests are dungeons, ...). I presented the mathematic programm on a map, where chapters are cities to visit. Finally, I've introduce a lot of popculture in the quests. So instead of a random pirate sharing his treasure, it's Luffy sharing the bounty of Crocodile. But maths are still the main part of the lesson. With RPGMaker, I want to imporve student immersion. So they can see the character meeting Luffy and talking to him, instead of simply have a paper to read. They can also see their Xp on screen with their avatar. Hope my approximate English won't make confusions or a lack of understanding ^^
  7. Pukurin

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    Thank's ! ^^
  8. Hi ! My name is Loïc, I'm a 25 yo french guy. I live in the countryside near Melun. I'm a math teacher in a "collège" (pupils are from 11 to 15 yo) and I'm trying to make my lessons in a more playful way thanks to RPG MAKER. As I know Java and programming, I managed to add some options by rewriting some lines from plugins. Unfortunatly, I'm not able to do everythings I want and need some help so ... I'm here ! I also run a programming club at school. My pupils are using RPG Maker xp and are losts some times. Don't hesitate to contact me, especially if you're french ! Thx for reading ! PS : Pukurin is the japanese name of a pokemon, just in case ...