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  1. It wasn't even a prank/troll, it was just a miscommunication of what the point of this whole setup is, is more like it.
  2. @PhoenixSoul Made this thread for me to help out a bit, but I thought I would at least help out a bit when it comes to explaining the idea at hand @Rikifive What Yanfly's Battle Engine has to do with this is basically there's a function for Revival in the script itself that makes it so that if there's no allies that are alive, it would play the cancel SE and not be able to perform it, similar to when an ally has no SP/MP for a skill, and this thread to find out if there's a way to recreate it as a separate script instead of having to use the battle engine itself.
  3. @Rikifive In the midst of the current project, there's a script that allows items/skills to both revive and heal everyone on both items and/or skills, and due to that, it messes up any other revival skills items, so the same effect from Yanfly is what's needed here to balance it out, making sure an ally is dead for the healing that comes with it to take effect. @roninator2 Yes, the main idea is to find out what part of the yanfly battle system script causes it to change the revival setup, without having to plagiarize the original yanfly battle script.
  4. @roninator2 The idea their trying to aim for is something similar to Yanfly's Battle Engine where it can detect if the targeted ally is dead or not, and if they are, it would take effect, otherwise it wouldn't work.
  5. Black Frost

    Skill Ideas you can do with Custom Formula

    Do you know if there is a was to make the formula's remove debuff's from a single ally upon use?
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