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  1. I don't know where to file this in terms of forum entries. Please let me know if this is in the wrong place and I will repost. Using Yanfly Battle engine and its extensions. Want to use different side view action animations for different skills with the same skill type. ex: Character Mary has the skill type magic. She has two magic skills, 'Abrakadabra' and 'Alakazam'. These are both in the magical skill type and included in her class. Let's say I want 'Abrakadabra' to use the action animation thrust, and 'Alakazam' to use the action animation swing. How would I accomplish this? Here is the code I tried using. '<target action> preform action motion thrust: user, no weopen </target action>' With this, however, it replaces the entire move with only her doing this action. No attack, noise, damage, etc. I need help, I don't want all my magic moves to use the same motion. Why would I need more than two animations for a character attacking anyway if you can only use two (general attack and magic skill)?
  2. Hi, I think I may be doing something wrong because in rpgmaker mv its not letting me have more than 30 plugins for my game. The yanfly plugin pack had like, a ton and I haven't finished adding them yet so I'm assuming this isn't something people usually run into, so it's probably me just not doing something right. The plugin manager only has a limited amount of slots and I can't download anymore. For some reason I couldn't find any forum talking about this when I googled it. Help is appreciated, thank you!
  3. Hello! I'm here because I'm working on some new games of mine and would like to add more complex elements than I have before. I will probably be using this website and the steam community quite a bit as I learn to customize my game mechanics more. Thank you for having me!