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  1. slickdeath97

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Nice script. Was wondering if there might be a possibility of adding a custom description box and note tag ability for the bestiary part of the script.
  2. slickdeath97

    N.A.S.T.Y. Animated Main Menu

    Is this script compatable with yanflys menu script?
  3. slickdeath97

    Choice Options

    Hey Hime, just wanted to know if I could use these scripts in commercial games: Item Rarity, Map Screenshot, Shop Manager, Shop Stock, and Choice Options. Do note, I don’t yet know if my game I am making will be commercial but just in case would it be ok?
  4. slickdeath97

    Basic Quest System

    Hi, i love the script, but i am haveing an issue with the window when i have multiple rewards: Some of the rewards are cut off the page. How do i fix this?
  5. slickdeath97

    Does an event can delete saved game files ? (VxAce)

    Yoshine, I tried the DataManager.delete_save_file(0...999) and DataManager.delete_save_file(0..999), but my save files were still there. What did i do wrong?
  6. slickdeath97

    Stat Points

    I am having a problem with this script. It is not working with yanfly status menu script. Could really use some help.