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    My demo is now released, so I will begin working on

    the rest of the game from here on out. The demo

    is but a glance at what is to come, but it contains

    enough content to "appease your video game appetite"

    until it is finished. If you're wondering, the demo boss

    is in the icy plateau, and the credits roll at the stairs 

    on the walls of Piffletown. Enjoy!


    (P.S. A piffle is my take on the cat person. Pughie is a piffle.)

    1. Kayzee


      Hehehe... Piffle. I kinda like that word! It's the kind of word us fairies like to use. You know it's actually a real English word? It means nonsense! Apparently started as 'piff' which means an insignificant thing, possibly imitative of a puff of air. Kind of insulting to call a race that (though I could see it if it's a race commonly looked down on), but it's a cute word. I myself might use Köttr or Köttrmaðr because I am a fan of Old Norse. >w< Or maybe Pussenboots! XD

    2. AethiriatGames


      Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know >.<

    3. Kayzee


      I didn't mean to imply I was upset or wanted you to change it. When I say Piffle is insulting to name a race, I don't mean I find it insulting myself. I just mean I could see how maybe a race wouldn't want to be called Piffles. On the other hand, they are giant talking cats. That is kind of nonsensical to most people in real life, so it could still fit in a meta way. XD And like I said, it's a very very cute word. :3


      Hehe, I admit I just know it's meaning cause I searched for it on google. I was excited when I first saw it because it sounds really Anglishy and I am a big fan of Anglish so I wanted to see if it was a real word at one point. What's Anglish you ask? More or less it's what English might be like if people threw away all the snooty French and Latin that snuck into English after the Normans invaded England and instead used only root words from the Germanic languages of which Old English is a member of. Yup that's right! One of the main reason English has so many weird exceptions to it's weird rules, cause it's really two languages from different language families smooched together! Though to be fair, Latin and French are both ultimately still Indo-European languages, and so was Old English... but then again so are Sanskrit and Hindi. That language family is pretty darn big!


      ...Yeah I am a bit of a language nerd. XD I really can only speak English, but I love linguistics. I also like it when people are particularly clever while exercising their linguistic skills, if you know what I mean. That always drives the ladies wild. 😉