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    Ignaculus (and Luminar)

    Project Name Technical Data Project start: January 2016 Situation: 98% complete, 30 hrs game time! (along with the Luminar game - 2 games in 1) Project data Developer: Vincent Law Project name: Ignaculus Genre: Fantasy (RPG) Engine: RPG Maker MV Developer Team: Patientia Date of creation: 2016 Release date: 2019/2020 Progress Story: 100% Programming: 99%. Design: 100% Mapping: 100%. Project phase: Development (Updated 04/09/2019) Synopsis The life of the young Angelus was going on complete normality until the day when, along with his friends, they were taken by surprise by a girl who passed a surprising revelation: they would have to travel back in time to kill the Illuminati who came from a parallel Earth in order to unite 13 people and end religion. But there was a collapse in time and this awakened all the deities of the universe to repair the mistakes of those humans. It made some of them have a vision of how to cease creation at once. The atom should be replaced so that there is no more fear and hatred that is everywhere. Should Angelus accept the destiny to which he was born and give up living and thus trust in what he thinks is right or continue living to learn to control his instincts before the enemy destroys him? The task is clear, he cannot waste time, Angelus has to die as soon as possible. Would that be the right decision? In the midst of all this, there is a man named Ignaculus, whose only desire is to avoid the rotten life that is in the structure of this collapse and to have a stable life.