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  1. Great! Thank you for the advice! I'm still learning, and any feedback is appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you! You can reach me at campbell.jamie.a@gmail.com, or on my SoundCloud page. I'm not getting notifications from the forum here, for some reason, but may just need to change my associated email address. Take care, and thanks for listening!
  2. Hello! I'm looking to volunteer for voice acting work for those of you seeking actors for current and future projects. I'm not sure where to post something like this, so if someone would kindly point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate it! A little background: I'm a 30-year-old male and am just getting started with voice acting, though I've taken classes at Voice One in San Francisco and at UCLA in Los Angeles. I did a couple commercials this past summer in Russia (English language), but I'm mostly interested in character work. I adore RPG Maker VX Ace and tried my hand at a couple of my own projects some years ago, but after pouring hours and hours into the program, I realized that the prospect of completing a project on my own -- especially at the scale I'd imagined -- was more ambitious than I was prepared for. So I leave it to you, the admirable devotees! Below is a link to my SoundCloud page. So far, it's all auditions for a video game project called Skywind, which I'll be working on soon, but as I'm only recently discovering resources and outlets through which to audition for such things, I'll likely be adding more and varied recordings in the very near future. https://soundcloud.com/campbell_vo If you have any scripts for your nearly completed game and are interested in bringing me on as a voice actor, I'd be happy to read them and record some auditions for you. Thank you very for your time, and best of luck with all of your projects! Best, Jamie Campbell
  3. Jamers

    VX -> Ace Conversion Program

    Hello all, Just wondering if there's been any recent progress on this. Got really into VX a while back and then let it lie, and I'd love a chace to re-up and pick up my project again (put in a hell of a lot of work and definitely don't want to start from scratch). I'm getting the same error mentioned by others: "Failed to load actor data." I know it takes a lot of work to get these things going. Big thanks to Fenix for putting this together. Hoping to get it going soon!