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    MOTM - Moons of True Magic

    I said before that humans were blessed with the gift of magic. Remember, Traveler? I also stated it was not True Magic, but a simplified version of it, much less harmful in the hands of such fleeting, whimsical beings. This, however, does not rid the children from abiding by the rules of magic, namely the Laws of Impulse. … … I love a good dramatic pause. Don’t you, Traveler? Anyway. The Laws of Impulse refer to the drive behind the magic applied. Is the power used to destroy or to create? Is it protection you seek, or to vanquish your enemies? If your objective is destruction, then you’re acting under a Luth Impulse, whereas a desire to create or preserve is considered a Lunn Impulse. It is that simple, yes. But do not be hasty, my friend, since the Laws of Impulse pervade all aspects of life on ‘Rukia. Whether you’re a simple peasant or a member of royalty, your actions set you on a path, even if you’re not familiar with these laws. Ignorance is not an escape from accountability. Also, deeds can be classified as good or evil, but what really matters is how things are accomplished. That is what changes each human’s tendency from Luth to Lunn, and vice versa. At this point, you may wonder if balance is possible. The answer is yes. There are, however, very few who can attain it, and doing so allows them to reap the benefits of both impulses. So please, Traveler, be mindful of your actions while wandering this world, for every choice will change you deeply.
  2. Zaabos

    MOTM - Moons of True Magic

    Greetings human @FranklinX, I´m sure you don´t mind if I call you Frank. Indeed, the world of ´Rukia is a beautiful place. The "game" as you call it, will be a classic JRPG where the tale of two brothers will be told. We will be feeding this post with the features in game, but I think your observation is quite good and we should also update the primary post with the features the game will have so you end with a better picture of what is this all about from the start. I appreciate your interest!
  3. Well met, Traveler, please step closer. Tell me, Traveler, did you just stumble through the window or are you looking for something specific? Is it Adventure? Emotion? Maybe some insight into the inner workings of the world? How about a story that involves all of that? Yes, that’s it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let me show you the world of ‘Rukia, home to many humans very much like yourself, who were given the gift of Magic. Not True Magic, no. That would be blasphemous. Just your usual, run-of-the-mill practical Magic, the type that allows for small fires, summoning of spirits, and warmongering. (What? Not now, Lucius. Can’t you see I’m entertaining our guest?) (No, I… All right, calm down, Lucius. You’re right. It’s not the time.) Err… Sorry about that. Now, please come with me to the outskirts of Duralla. A small town just north of the Great Desert of R’ssa. This is where our journey begins. It is a story about two brothers, their friends, and their adventures at the end of the Age of Innocence. This, dear Traveler, is the tale of the Moons of True Magic. (What is it, Lucius? Is that it, you ask? Yes, that’s it.) (What do you mean it’s not enough? I even gave it a dramatic ending and everything!) (Three hundred and fifty words? Why?) (Ugh. You mortals and your love of rules… All right, here goes.) So, Traveler, you want to know more about the Moons of True Magic, don’t you? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t? There are five chapters to the story of our young heroes, the first of which is titled Kids from Duralla. Here, Keith and his brother, Gall, discover the map to an amazing treasure hidden south of town, within the walls of the Red Pit, a bandit and monster-ridden system of hills and caves. Rinna, their best friend, decides to join the party, and together they set to find riches beyond their wildest dreams. Things won’t be as easy as planned, though, and soon they’ll find themselves involved in events far greater than they could have foreseen. Keith, Gall, Rinna. They are all outstanding in their own way. Would you like to know more about them? CREDITS: