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  1. I may possibly not use new pronouns for the alien species in the game. I have not decided yet.

    1. Kayzee


      I said it on your blog, but I imagine humans would prefer a sloppy and unsatisfying way of translating pronouns just because they are lazy. I could imagine it leading to all sorts of confusion and grumbling, and that might actually be fun to write about. XD I donno about you, but I am sort of a language nerd, and hearing details about how another language is correctly or incorrectly translated and the implications of the translation choices is interesting to me. It also depends on how used the character is with english or human culture if they would play along.


      On a related note: Is that character's name actually 'Vanity' (or something like it, such as Va'nittea) or is that a translation? If it is a translation, it could be that in their language it's a much more positive word then Vanity is often taken as in English?

    2. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      I saw your response! I was very happy to see it, in fact! I am also a language nerd. It is fascinating to see the differences between them, and even more fun to come up with your own.


      Vanity's name is one of those cases where it was lazily changed into something else. Novs real name is actually Van'Ittentilar, but Teddy, Henri and RAI5 shorten it to Vanity because that is just a mouthful.


      I was originally going to shorten it to Vani, but that is a hair removal cream and that would be stranger than Vanity. xD

      EDIT: It does fit novs character, however. Nov was a captain for a space pirate crew comprised of only clones of novself. Nov gets abandoned by them all after Teddy convinces them all to figure out who the best Vanity is, causing them to fight and eventually leave, leaving their captain behind.

    3. Kayzee


      Vanity seems like a fun character! Hehehehe... That last bit reminds me of the postgame fight involving Asagi in Disgaea 5, when you have to fight like 100 of her clones all at once. :P

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