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  1. I just got an idea! A magical girl team who have their transformation objects as fidget toys! Maybe they are all autistic like me?

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    2. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      I have noticed this with many mental things. A big one I have noticed is actually trauma disorders. If you do not fit the criteria for one of them, you get lumped in with the catch-all term of "Other and Unspecified Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders".

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Fidget/'Special' toys? lolz


      @Kayzee would know what I mean...


      I honestly wonder how many people are misdiagnosed as autistic, when 'autistic-like' would be more accurate.

    4. Kayzee


      I kinda think one of the problems is just that there is often too much focus on 'mental disorders' or 'mental illness' in general. Honestly I don't think most modern psychologists are at fault for that. Any half decent psychologist will tell you that that's not really the point and they are much more interested in actually working with their clients to solve problems as best they can. Diagnosis is just a tool that might help with that, but everyone is different and has different problems they want to solve. But most other people don't really understand that and tend to focus too much on labels, both for themselves and others. Even psychologists can fall into that trap, but nowadays I think they are trained to avoid it.


      This wasn't always the case though. Sigmund Freud for example by a lot of modern standards was a pretty awful psychologist even though he might be the most famous psychologist in history. He is the guy most people are doing an impression of when they go "So tell me about your mother" in a bad Austrian accent. Personally I prefer Carl Jung myself. Not sure how good of a psychologist he really was in the end (his theories and methods might have been a tad too abstract and complicated to help most people), but I think he knocked it out of the park when it came to his thoughts on philosophy and spirituality. Also it should be noted: If you ever got into the Persona series, one way to describe it is "Carl Jung's writings and several JRPGs/anime thrown into a blender".