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  1. I have no details about them yet other than they are girlfriends, the top one is a goth witch and the bottom one is a fairy (I wish the Picrew had wings). The fairy sometimes makes flower crowns for the witch. Even though she does not usually wear that sort of thing, she wears them anyway.
  2. I have realized that I am a demon. I am the demon Gaz. That isn't my real name, but I like it.

    1. Kayzee


      Demons are pretty neat I think! There are actually a few demon enemies in my game! Even though most of the enemies in my game are based on Fae critters and Celtic folklore, I also currently have a few demons here and there. Mostly imps and succubi. In a lot of ways demons and fairies aren't too different, are probobly at least distantly related, and have at least one common enemy. He would probobly be humanity's enemy too, if so many of them weren't taken in by his lies and propaganda. And his followers keep stealing our holidays!


      Demons can get a bit too obsessed with all of that 'Evil' stuff, but I rather hang with a demon then an angel. Besides they mostly are into 'Evil' just to spit in the face of that prick, and I am all for that! Plus, they have gotten really good at PR in the last few decades or so. Used to be they were more a bit too hostile to humans. I mean, it's mostly the human's fault for giving that prick so much attention, so I get it. But now 'Evil' is the new sexy! They have become super popular with humans, and it's great!


      Hahaha, take that you stuck up prick! Also: Odin is a hundread times the badass you are! Did you hang upside down and lose an eye to learn the secrets of the runes? I don't think so! Go back to your cloud of ignorance Yaldabaoth, you lion headed serpent! *sticks her tongue out at the sky*

  3. Blueberry has a free version without a watermark, but you don't get a fully working version of the editor and you only get one file option. The downside is outweighed by the fact that there are video editing softwares for free that can also export to another file type.
  4. Verdiløs Games

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! Unfortunately, you get killed instead of someone else. I wish I knew who I was.
  5. Free coke!

  6. Outsiders is a story about friends discovering the dark secret of a local town. It begins with a strange antenna appearing outside the window of a flat and escalates quickly into what the group presumes might be paranormal. Of course, not everyone in the group is exactly human... I do have official art of the main cast on the way, but until then, please enjoy my Picrew versions of them. NAME: "Kaz" Newman JOB: Makes sandwiches at a sandwich shop PLACE OF ORIGIN: America GENDER: Nonbinary PRONOUNS: They/them MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Autistic FAVOURITE COLOUR: Black, red FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Fox FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Rock FAVOURITE PLACE: Home FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Writing BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Become a world famous author NAME: Edwin "Eddie" Langley JOB: Cashier at a convenience store PLACE OF ORIGIN: London GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/him MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: He's got some confidence issues, not gonna lie FAVOURITE COLOUR: Green FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Cat FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Rock FAVOURITE PLACE: Park FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Drawing BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Become a successful commission artist NAME: Timothy "Tim" Vasquez JOB: Waiter at a pizza place PLACE OF ORIGIN: America GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/him MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: He's fine FAVOURITE COLOUR: Blue, black FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Cat FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Punk rock FAVOURITE PLACE: Anywhere his friends are (but he won't admit that) FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Video games BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Live a comfortable life surrounded by friends NAME: Gavin "Gav" Quincey JOB: Receptionist at the hospital PLACE OF ORIGIN: America GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/him MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: PTSD FAVOURITE COLOUR: Pink, purple FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Dog FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Pop FAVOURITE PLACE: Home FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Posing for photos, watching movies BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Become a model NAME: Espen "Espy" Solberg JOB: Tech support PLACE OF ORIGIN: Norway GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/him MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Autistic FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Cephalopod FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Metal FAVOURITE PLACE: Home FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Anything involving electronics BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: To start his own tech company NAME: Angel von Brandt JOB: Librarian, former general of Hell PLACE OF ORIGIN: America, Hell GENDER: Female PRONOUNS: She/her MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: She's fine FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red, blue FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Snake FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Death metal FAVOURITE PLACE: The library FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Reading BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Become a general of Hell again, marry her girlfriend NAME: Lisa "Honey" Byrne JOB: Librarian PLACE OF ORIGIN: Ireland GENDER: Genderfae (similar to genderfluid, but never experiencing male or male-aligned genders) PRONOUNS: She/her MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: She's fine FAVOURITE COLOUR: Pink, green FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Deer FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Pop FAVOURITE PLACE: The forest FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Dancing, reading, designing BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: Become a fashion designer
  7. I used to work a pretty good job at a jewelry store, but their branch in town closed down because of the walmart. Though various means of buying some pieces at a discount and buying a few things from ebay, I was able to get nice things. ^u^ Lisa is her girlfriend and her coworker. The town knows them and they are part of the main group of friends that the story follows, but the only people who know who they are are the friends. And yes, you guessed my plot twist! hehe Very clever!
  8. I toyed with the idea of her being a fairy, but I settled on half-fairy. I always have liked all things Fae. I've even left out wine, jewels and sweets for them. I'm glad you think she's cute! I was going for cute in her design and I am glad I succeeded! (I love that little irony joke too.)
  9. I think my delusion is changing.

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    2. Kayzee


      Wouldn't wanna be one personally. I mean they can be cool and all, but they often suck. :P

    3. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      I have frequent delusions I am some creature or another. Most frequently zombie or vampire. They become so intense that I genuinely feel I am this creature and I have to be reassured that I am not.

    4. Kayzee


      What is humanity anyway? What does it mean to be human? Is having delusions of being a zombie or vampire any different then having delusions of being human? Are not zombies and vampires just masks, different mirrors held up that reflect things in different ways? Being human is also a mask, also a mirror, and all mirrors distort their subject. I myself like being a fairy! It's fun!


      But what is a fairy? A mask, a mirror, a story I tell to myself of myself. Fairies dwell in stories, in the worlds made of the mind, the great expanse of Dwimmer. But... so do humans. Though most have forgotten, and only think of what is 'real'. Reality may yet exist, but have you seen it? Touched it? No, only have you seen and touched a story told by your senses. Humans make stories like 'money', 'politics', 'society', so many things, and then they forget they are stories. They become entrapped by bonds they forge themselves.


      Don't worry poor humans! I feel bad for you, so I will help break the madness you call 'sanity'! Of course you will still be crazy afterward, but at least you will know it! Maybe realizing just how nuts you all really are will help you stop blowing each other up for dumb reasons. :3






  10. While I work on the races for Stranded In Space, I am working on an actual project in MV and LibreOffice. I was inspired by those r/nosleep stories and my own nightmares, so I decided to make a horror. I will make a post about the main characters and brief overlook shortly.

  11. Verdiløs Games

    An Excerpt From My Book

    This is gonna sound like a cliché, but as soon as he left, the lights began to flicker. I, being tired, put it off as simply being the old wiring. I let my mind wander to thoughts of being in my bed, cuddled up with my cats. The warmth of the blankets became more and more desirable as the heat seemed to be sucked out of the building. I shivered, and pulled my hoody on. It was late, and I was cold. Did I mention I was tired? I’m sure I did. And then the lights flickered again. Except, they didn’t turn back on after the first few flickers. I could swear I heard whispering in one of the back rooms as they shut off. I blinked in the darkness, trying not to panic as I made my way to the back in the blackness, not daring to use my phone’s light, should I accidentally draw attention to myself from some unnamed robber. Or worse, a murderer. It was at that moment that the lights to the food stations suddenly came on. I jumped, startled, backing into a shelf and knocking it over. I heard with dismay as each shelf in the store toppled over like dominoes. Then, I heard the whispering again. Only, it wasn’t coming from the back rooms this time. It was behind the counter. I spun around, only for the speakers that normally played nice instrumental shopping music begin blasting out Norwegian death metal at their highest volume, the sound so loud you could hear the speakers straining to play it as who I assumed was the lead singer screamed out death in that nearly demonic tone you heard so often in this genre. I covered my ears against the noise, a headache budding in my already tired brain.
  12. I am messing around in MV to learn it a little first. I will then resize my resources so I can use them there.

  13. Verdiløs Games

    Entertaining Races

    Hello! There is something I have noticed while playing, watching and reading things. That is, why do races seem to be much like the human race? In things like fantasy and sci-fi, you are bound to find races other than human, but they all seem very human like. There may be a few anatomical or societal differences (dwarves are shorter, elves are taller), but othe than that, they seem the same. Races always seem to use the same pronouns, for instance. He, she, they, or it are always used. Constantly. I think it would be interesting to see other cultures (not just woodland or mountain, for instance), pronouns, gender roles (or lack thereof), etc. instead of "spicy human".
  14. Is RPG Maker MV better than RPG Maker VX Ace? I am deciding which engine to make a game in.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      There are some features MV has over VX Ace, however, MV and VX Ace are essentially two different engines since they run with two different programming languages.

      So, the question really is, what is my target audience? Do I go with VX Ace and stick to Windows users only, or do I go with MV and have the ability to port to MacOS/Linux/iOS/Android.

      I mean, MV is not any better, not to me. It's just newer.

    2. Kayzee


      You actually can sorta port VX Ace to other systems if you use MKXP.


      But yeah, really I would say they are more or less the same? MV has the advantage of being a bit more open though I think? I like VX Ace's RTP better but most people want custom stuff anyway.

    3. FranklinX


      I like MV better than VX ACE. I prefer MV because it includes a side view better system, and I do not need to find a script for it.

  15. I may make a full novel with my ideas and dreams.

  16. Verdiløs Games


    THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED LAST NIGHT... I have a window by my computer that I look out occasionally. I was working late last night, as you do, trying to get a few things done. At around 3 AM, I hear a strange noise outside it. Out of curiosity, I looked outside. There wasn’t anything out there, but the power flickered. I frantically tried to get my document back up, and as I got it back, I head the sound again. I looked out again. Still nothing. I went back to working. It was probably just some animal, after all. Those are common here, after all. A few minutes later, the noises got louder. A strange, scratching noise just outside the window. I sighed, and I looked out the window again. I saw a shadow quickly dart past the window the second I saw it. It was roughly the size of your average man, but it moved too fast for me to tell just what it was… At that point, or any point after. I couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling as I got back to my document, but I tried my best to ignore it. It was late, and I just wanted to finish this so I could go to bed and rest easy, knowing my work was done. A few minutes later, the noise came back at another window. I ignored it, and the noise kept going. The longer I left it, the louder it got until I had no choice but to go see what was making it. I saw the shadow dart past again. Soon, it was just outside the front of my house. Before I continue, I should mention that I live in a town with surrounding wooded areas. Most of the people here are hunters. Deer, birds, rabbits, fish, you name it. Birds, rabbits and even deer come into town all the time. I’ve seen and heard them. I’ve heard people complain about the deer and the rabbits eating their gardens. I looked out the window and saw what looked vaguely like a human figure, and what looked like what might be a deer, standing side by side. As my eyes adjusted and the two figures got closer to my window, I realized that those weren’t a deer and a human. His fingers were too long, his eyes were too big, and black like endless wells that burrowed deep into my soul and tickled my worst fears. His too wide mouth was curved into a horrifying grin of sharp teeth, and as he came closer, touching the window, he licked it with his long, thin tongue that was way too long to be in any human mouth. The thing that definitely wasn’t a deer… Anymore… was staring at me with soulless red eyes. Fur had been ripped off of it in patches… And no deer’s legs bent like that. I close my curtain and ran upstairs, grabbing my phone to call the police. I dialled, but nobody answered the phone. I didn’t hear the noises for the rest of the night, and I didn’t sleep at all. Today, I went into town. The conversations weren’t about the weather. They weren’t about gardens or what had been eating them. They were about missing pets, missing cows, missing horses, cats, dogs… And strange noises in the middle of the night.
  17. Verdiløs Games


    The event sounded very familiar, so I looked it up. How is it to participate in this event? Do you fight alongside the dead and elves? Have you met Odin? It seems I did! haha I meant to say was that the deer one was disturbing. I am glad I do not bore you! You thought it was real? Wow! I am kind of happy it was so convincing. haha And Slenderman. I have never actually read Slenderman, but I have heard of the things he has inspired.
  18. Verdiløs Games


    I live in the northern US nearby to Canada in a predominantly Scandinavian area. Fitting as I myself am Norwegian/American. Wendigo could be an interesting word for... Whatever the thing was. But you're right, I think more people would be missing if this was indeed the case. I am unsure of what was wrong with the deer one, but it was I hope I am entertaining enough for you! Many find me strange or boring, so I hope I do not bore you.
  19. Verdiløs Games

    Entertaining Races

    There is no shame in liking Bowsette. I too like her!
  20. I may post more short horror if I get more ideas I can finish. :)

  21. Is there a way to convert Ace assets to MV? I have MV but do not have anything for it. Also, where might I find good free MV assets, as I am no longer receiving the money I once was and can no longer buy the official ones?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Yes, yes it can be done.


      If you have paintdotnet (it's free), you can simply increase the scale of the Ace assets to that of how they are in MV, but keep in mind that for some assets, it won't work as well.


      The easiest assets to do this with are tilesets.

  22. The above text from user Kayzee made me want to make this entry. The He'Eleans actually don't have a concept of gender. Pronouns are given based on current social standing. Vanity, for instance, was a part of the He'Elean royalty, but for reasons I cannot explain because of spoilers, he was exiled from his planet and given the nov/novs pronouns. Another He'Elean you meet later in the game has different pronouns entirely (neb/nebs), due to being a relatively high member of the He'Elean royalty. The He'Eleans do not have any sort of gender sense, as they all have the same types of organs. They are a mammal species (in a sense, I went with some form of "spicy human" for the ease of digestion of the characters, as Vanity nebself is one of the main four characters in the game), so they gestate a child in the womb for some time and give birth. However, this is something all He'Eleans can do. All He'Eleans can also impregnate another. This is, however, not a focus of the game or story. Just an interesting fact. (I make sure I come up with every possible detail for a species when I make it, even if the detail is entirely useless. I am just strange that way.) Because of this, and because there are no distinguishing characteristics to create a binary/trinary/etc., pronouns are used for status. The pronoun hierarchy is as follows: High royalty - Neb/nebs Low royalty - Lun/luns Commoner - Sol/sols Prisoner - Voi/vois Exiled - Nov/novs I am open to questions.
  23. Verdiløs Games

    Stranded in Space: He'Elean Pronouns, Sex and Gender

    I might go with that, actually! It is a very good idea, Kayzee. As for the messy details, I will put it in a spoiler. IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE, OR SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE MESSY DETAILS, DO NOT READ THE SPOILER.
  24. I just got an idea! A magical girl team who have their transformation objects as fidget toys! Maybe they are all autistic like me?

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    2. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      I have noticed this with many mental things. A big one I have noticed is actually trauma disorders. If you do not fit the criteria for one of them, you get lumped in with the catch-all term of "Other and Unspecified Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders".

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Fidget/'Special' toys? lolz


      @Kayzee would know what I mean...


      I honestly wonder how many people are misdiagnosed as autistic, when 'autistic-like' would be more accurate.

    4. Kayzee


      I kinda think one of the problems is just that there is often too much focus on 'mental disorders' or 'mental illness' in general. Honestly I don't think most modern psychologists are at fault for that. Any half decent psychologist will tell you that that's not really the point and they are much more interested in actually working with their clients to solve problems as best they can. Diagnosis is just a tool that might help with that, but everyone is different and has different problems they want to solve. But most other people don't really understand that and tend to focus too much on labels, both for themselves and others. Even psychologists can fall into that trap, but nowadays I think they are trained to avoid it.


      This wasn't always the case though. Sigmund Freud for example by a lot of modern standards was a pretty awful psychologist even though he might be the most famous psychologist in history. He is the guy most people are doing an impression of when they go "So tell me about your mother" in a bad Austrian accent. Personally I prefer Carl Jung myself. Not sure how good of a psychologist he really was in the end (his theories and methods might have been a tad too abstract and complicated to help most people), but I think he knocked it out of the park when it came to his thoughts on philosophy and spirituality. Also it should be noted: If you ever got into the Persona series, one way to describe it is "Carl Jung's writings and several JRPGs/anime thrown into a blender".