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    MV Script Coder needed [PAYING]

    Hi Rpgmakercentral people, I have been following this forum for a long time but have never joined in on the conversation. Recently, I have start working on a big project of my own and is facing difficulties with implementing plugins due to conflicts with other plugins necessary for the desired systems. I have very little knowledge with regards to coding and could only code skills in a very isolated scenario and my battle system plugin need a lot of help. If building a new plugin from the ground up is preferred, I have the prototype to take reference on, perhaps easing some of the workload. A brief explanation of what is required would be as follows: 1. Implementing Battle Interface Assests, (Custom HP, MP gauges. Turn counters and Turn Order) 2. Have my battle system be compatible with the base engine troop events, (It is not currently) 3. Have my battle system be compatible with a handful of Yanfly's plugins, (1 conflicting plugin as far as I know) More in depth explanation will of course be given as well as the required assets to work on if you are interested. Please feel free to DM or E-mail me a quote.