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    First of all good afternoon and sorry for my prob bad grammar, i search about this a lot but found nothing, i have a problem/answer basically im tryng to modify the pause menu, but i want to add the profile/description at the status window of the character, so... how i can call the draw profile/description text, i'll add a code of what i was tryng to do [and probably is totally wrong since i'm not veteran at js] basically this piece of code just calls the actually active elements of the original menu so... i need to know where to modify code for this to work. (this only a part of the code) Window_MenuStatus.prototype.drawItemStatus = function(index) { var actor = $gameParty.members()[index]; var rect = this.itemRectForText(index); var x = rect.x; var y = rect.y; var width = 288; var bottom = y + rect.height; var lineHeight = this.lineHeight(); this.drawActorName(actor, 150,0, width); this.drawActorLevel(actor, 150, 80, width); this.drawActorClass(actor, 150,40, width); this.drawActorHp(actor, 280, 1, width); //this.drawActorMp(actor, x, bottom - lineHeight * 2, width); //[I MEAN THIS ONE!] this.drawActorProfile(actor, 280, 80, width); this.drawActorIcons(actor, x, bottom - lineHeight * 1, width); }; also... no i'll not download plugins from anyone, i prefer do stuff by myself. thanks in advance