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  1. Yujin Kamikaze

    Hello and Help

    At first it was VXA, but i switched over to MV because of its generator. Best choice of my life if you ask me XD
  2. Yujin Kamikaze

    Hello and Help

    I LOVE music and although rock isnt my favorite its still pretty high on my genre list.
  3. Yujin Kamikaze

    Hello and Help

    Thanks, I haven't found any either so I may look into pixel art to make some myself.
  4. Yujin Kamikaze

    Hello and Help

    Hello every, I'm Yujin and I'm very excited to share my ideas with you all! I'm currently working on my first EVER game and production has come along quite well(even tho my events are very messy >_<) The game is set in a modern day magically world, mainly Japan, and I'v spent a lot of time in planning making characters feel real. Now with that being said I have ran into some speed bumps along the way The characters in the generator feel a bit too medieval for the time period it's in(2000s) and I was hoping somebody could help me out with that. All I need is some modern looking clothing like hoodies and school clothing, but if you have a good tileset for maybe the outside or school area I'd appreciate it as well. I know this project of mine is very ambitious to say it's my first, but with a bit of patients and hard work I'd say it could be amazing. I'll send a demo of the first act when it's done :3