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  1. Doomboxx1134

    Avengers Character & SV Battler Sets

    I cannot say enough good about your sprites, simply amazing work, I hope to be this good at spriting in the future, any plans for a possible Hellboy set?
  2. can anyone help me understand how to make certain monsters appear only at night? I have all of Yanfly's plugins, if that helps, I just need a tutorial (which I've yet to find) that goes step by step, thank you in advance
  3. Doomboxx1134

    Requesting pricing

    How much would a complete quality tileset be, one with like the snow, dungeon, day and night, castle, forrest and town tilesets, I have FSM and I love it, but, it lacks the "Snow" set that I need, thank you in advance
  4. I have two characters and for some puzzles, I need character #2 to interact with the the puzzle and then go back to the main character, is this possible? And how, please be as detailed as possible, I don't have visuals so, it's a bit harder for me to understand processes, thank you in advance
  5. How are you guys overlapping the mountain-type tiles and not having them bleed into one another? This is frustrating as heck, cause I see so many beautiful maps and I can't figure out how? Thank you in advance
  6. Doomboxx1134

    Too much info

    I feel like I have too much information going into this game, like, for example, I have plant types, diseases, drugs, sicknesses, deities..etc I even went as far as writing kingdom histories, different factions, religions even the creation and evolution of man and half breeds, magic etc.. is this too much?
  7. Doomboxx1134

    Quest light

    Is there any way to make it to where Mr. Flippers the cat has a beam of light on him due to the fact that he has a quest for me? Also, I think this is the correct forum for this question, thank you in advance!
  8. Doomboxx1134

    Help with an event, I think

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to explain it, I mean for the slaves to run away after I beat the boss, like they're finally free, I'm gonna give this a shot, thank you so much
  9. I want to make it to where my lead character defeats a boss and a bunch of slaves run free, but, how do I make the slaves running away things happen after the boss is defeated? Is it a complex event or switch? If this is the wrong forum, I apologize, I'm still trying to figure that stuff out, thank you in advance!
  10. Doomboxx1134

    I need some input on my village layout

    OMG! thank you all for the feedback, that means alot! This was my village map, I stopped halfway through cause I thought it looked kinda bland, hence the extra space (most of my villages look similar), this feedback is awesome, again, thank you so much guys and gals and I'm sorry for posting in the wrong area, have a great day, people!!!
  11. I'm trying my best here, but, my village layout doesn't look as impressive as most on here, and tips? Thank you in advance!
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