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  1. Hello all, I am a first time poster here on the forums and relatively new to RPG Maker MV. I am currently having difficulty implementing Yanfly's 'Spell Siphon' mechanic, linked here for reference that I would like to use for a boss encounter. In my current game, I am designing a boss who uses several abilities that are designed to overwhelm the player (paralyze, summon reinforcement, 100% chance to counter, etc.) To counter this, the player is granted the ability to 'Borrow' the 'items' the boss is using to produce these attacks. For example, the boss has an ability called 'Rocket Boots' which gives the boss an is attack speed buff. The player therefore, has the option to 'Borrow' the Rocket Boots to prevent the boss from using that ability (I assume by 'Sealing the Skill,' although I have not made it that far into the design/testing). The flip-side is that once stolen, the stealing character is affected by a stacking increase damage taken debuff. Once the stacks get to high for the character to manage, they can 'Return' the stolen item to clear the stacks, but once returned, this now allows the boss to use that ability once more (again, I assume by 'Unsealing the Skill.'). My original intent was to use Yanfly's 'Spell Siphon' to implement this boss mechanic. When I attempted to implement this, I went with the following strategy... Currently, under 'Troop Events' I have a 'State' added to the entire party that provides them the 'Borrow' skill type, as this is a skill type I would only want them to have for this specific encounter. I then created a 'Skill' called 'Borrow' and used the code provided by Yanfly's 'Spell Siphon' in the 'Note' box. In the code below, the var allowed=[11] is the 'Spoon' ability I am trying to allow the 'Borrow' skill to steal and (04) in 'allowed.push' is the 'Borrow' Skill Type which is the skill type for all the bosses abilities. <Before Eval> var allowed = [11]; allowed.push(04); var skills = target.skills(); for (var i = 0; i < skills.length; ++i) { var skill = skills; if (skill && allowed.contains(skill.stypeId) && !user.isLearnedSkill(skill.id)) { user.learnSkill(skill.id); var text = '<CENTER>' + user.name() + ' has learned \\i[' + skill.iconIndex + ']' + skill.name + ' from ' + target.name() + '!'; var wait = 90; BattleManager.addText(text, wait); user.startAnimation(119); break; } } </Before Eval> I then ensured that all my bosses 'Skills' likewise use the 'Borrow' 'Skill Type' to ensure that the player can use them (now that they were granted the 'Skill Type' from the 'Troop Event'). However, despite numerous tries, whenever I test the Battle and select my 'Borrow' Skill Type, none of the bosses abilities appear to be 'steal-able/ siphon-able.' I have included pictures of the following in hopes it will help identify the problem: A. Skill Types: To show the 'Borrow Skill.' B. 'Troop Event' to show that the State for Players to have the added 'Borrow Skill Type' added at the outset of the battle. C. The 'State' I created, 'Add Borrow Skill' that the 'Troop Event' uses. D. The 'Borrow' Skill with the code from Yanfly's 'Spell Siphon' tip. E. A sample ability, 'Spoon' that the boss has that I would want the character to be able to steal. Any help in identifying what error I made would be much appreciated. Likewise, if there is a better plugin, process, or way to design this mechanic outside of using 'Spell Siphon,' I am very happy to take any advice. Thank you for your time and help!