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    Loss Conditions and Enemy Params

    Hey, So I tried looking for something that could help, but maybe I'm just too newbie to figure it out... Basically, in my game, battles rely heavily on the manipulation of parameters and stats instead of simply dealing damage. Instead of Hp and Mp, I have Energy and Taint (some form of corruption that comes from using magic), both are used to perform actions, so normal actions use up Energy and can lower the Taint levels, while certain spells instead of using up Taint (the Mp bar), add to it. 1. How to make a victory/loss condition based on the MP bar, as in, if you or the enemy reach Max MP you're corrupted by the Taint, and turn into a monster/switch sides which starts another battle afterwards or whatever. Similarly if one of yours or enemy's parameters (let's say Mdef) gets to zero after debuffs, the battle should also be lost. 2. How to change Enemy's parameters before the battle. I know I can make enemies and troops in the Database tabs, but the way I plan on doing it is basically having a number of random events on the map that you can interact with before a fight (the events are potential enemies), so depending on your interactions they get different stats which I write into variables. I want to have just 1 basic enemy (let's say a Bandit) in the Enemies tabs, then when I encounter bandits on the map and start a fight with them the same Bandit troop appears but they get their stats adjusted based on the prior interactions, so basically some way of writing the variables into the parameters of the enemy troops when the battle starts? Hope that makes some sense... I'm kinda new to RPG maker MV in general, so I apologies for not getting certain basics ;c