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  1. Months on and the collection has grown to over 200 tracks!
  2. Much more music has been added. The collection is now at over 150 tracks!
  3. Another month, another batch of music has been added. The collection is now at over 100 tracks!
  4. Thank you, PhoenixSoul. I hope you find something useful, or at least something that inspires your creations! UPDATE: At my Patreon you can find 70+ free-to-use tracks! This number grows every day.
  5. Hello content creators, game designers, and other creatives, I am here to offer original, FREE TO USE music. The music I post here is completely free to use, with attribution to Everyday Bard. Check it out on Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCCeBAHoYQyjTSpCrpjvuHyg/playlists You can find 100+ tracks (and growing daily!) at my Patreon, as well as direct downloads to the free YouTube tracks. I create music DAILY for this purpose. This effort is supported by Patreon. If you use my music, please consider becoming a patron of Free-to-Use music (which can also grant you access to exclusive music). I compose in many genres: piano, orchestral, electronic, chiptune, jazz, rock, dance, etc. You will find many tracks that are particularly well-suited to JRPGs. PATREON patreon.com/everydaybard In addition, I produce music with an electronic-minimalist band known as Rise Wander Dream. We allow our music to be used Royalty-Free in your content. Rise Wander Dream risewanderdream.bandcamp.com/releases
  6. WindyWaffles

    $2 Music Store | All the styles!

    That's very kind of you! Thank you, I really appreciate it :)
  7. WindyWaffles

    $2 Music Store | All the styles!

    I have updated the store. More music, and a new category of $2 music!
  8. WindyWaffles

    $2 Music Store | All the styles!

    This bump is specifically to add 30+ tracks to my store, most of which are only $5. Use the $5 tag to find the $5 tracks!! (the static sound is only in the preview versions)
  9. WindyWaffles

    $2 Music Store | All the styles!

    My music store blog lets you browse what I have available for purchase. I will refresh the store regularly with new music. These tracks are 100% yours once purchased. I retain the right to use preview versions for demo purposes only. Use the "$2 tag" to find the $2 tracks!! Commissions I'll do any style you want--just name a game or soundtrack and I can match the style! A quick browse through my blog will demonstrate my style range, which is pretty broad and inclusive. $20 TIER -up to 2 minutes long -unlimited instruments -client may request changes so long as it isn't a significant rewrite! $5 TIER -up to around 40 seconds long -fewer instruments -client may request simple changes like instrument volume Need an NES/SNES/PS1/whatever retro sounding track? Check! Need a lo-fi chill beat? Check! Need a grand orchestral piano concertino? Check! Need a rocking battle theme with ridiculous organ riffs and crazy drums? Check! Special deals for "jingles" (e.g. sleeping at the inn, completing a quest) Delivery in 2-5 days. ¡Se habla español!
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