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    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    Hi, I know its been awhile. Just figured i'd try here first after banging my head around for hours. So I have a healer skill going on. **Skill when State(84) is active boost potency by +50 so = a.isStateAffected(84) ? a.luk + 35 + 50 : a.luk + 35; I also have on the same skill that when State(82) is active it will give the target 10Mp, so. a.isStateAffected(82) ? b.gainMp(10) : a.luk + 35. What my issue is, im trying to have it so that these two lines can exist on the same skill and fire off when called. I now put it so that the two states will Remove each other ex: If player applies state 84 to self it will remove state 82 - and so on. But I cant seem to get the codes to function correctly, it seems that its always one or the other that ones properly or not at all here is a little break down. Skill - Bless base heal = a.luk + 35 When Prayer(State 84) is active + 50 to heal. When Bless Signet(State 82) is active target gains 10 mp.