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  1. New wallpaper! Might do new ones weekly to give ya'll more snek pictures to look at.

  2. SirCrashtonII

    Hello My Fellow Peeps

    my favorite video games are Undertale (great story) and Death Road to Canada (Fun rouge-like)! thanks for asking
  3. I looked, I swayed, and I died because I'm bad at anything PVP related.

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    2. Kayzee


      Though I mostly play with myself.


      ... I often also play single player games. :P

    3. Rikifive


      I have a younger brother, who I'm playing games with. Always better together than alone. Way more fun that way. 👍

    4. SirCrashtonII


      Sounds great! Hope you have fun.

  4. SirCrashtonII

    Can't find plugin

    I remember about 6 months to a year ago I was looking around some RPGM MV stuff and I found a plugin that said it made it so you can give shops different prices, which is what I was looking for. But then it also said it could give shops prices that change over time for whatever reason. Earlier this week I remembered this plugin and I want to pursue making a game based off this idea. Only problem is, I can't find the plugin. Anyone know what plugin this is, or any way to do this without it? P.S.- Does anyone know a different channel that I can ask about this in, cause i looked at all of them and they don't seem fitting.
  5. SirCrashtonII

    ignore this

    just realised there is a video game section, sorry ignore this post
  6. SirCrashtonII

    Hello My Fellow Peeps

    I got RPG Maker MV a while back, but i've decided to start getting into it with some small projects. I want to make games with unique mechanics or ideas, and I've got a few ideas planned for some small games already. I hope that I can pump out and find some good games!
  7. SirCrashtonII

    House Robbing Simulator - READ DISC

    STORY You are part of the mafia, but you want out. They will only let you leave if you pay them. You don't have enough money, so you are going to rob houses to get the money. Good luck. This is one if my first games I've made, and it was during a 2 and a half hour challenge, so expect some bugs such as but not limited to: leaving a house and ending up outside of a different house, not dying and instead being stuck in an endless loop of being oneshot until you restart the game, and more. It also has stock buildings and stock characters, but it has a mild charm to it. Might just be me though. Keep in mind it was made in 2 and a half hours so balancing is virtually nonexistent. The way to finish the game is to purchase a certification of freedom from the shopkeeper next to the starting weapon. Also, there's a secret that you can try to find if you want. (It's not hidden in a corner or something, playing the game you should just find it eventually.) Hope you enjoy i guess? -Credit to YanFly for the chasing plugin, and my friends for giving the idea of a 2 and a half hour game jam thing. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5h97abett1up06e/Robbing_Houses_Simulator_Fixed.zip/file
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