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  1. LewdQuest is a semi rhythm-based photography RPG that enables the player to live the dream of becoming a professional erotic photographer after quitting their boring 9-to-5 soulless job. Meet new models, do photoshoots, improve your equipment, get the girls to like you, and see how your reputation goes to the top (and her clothes to the floor). The story is divided in four chapters; Chapter I. The Amateur Creep. Chapter II. Please, Senpai, Notice me Chapter III. Fame comes with a Price Chapter IV. I must build my own dream During the game you'll explore different areas of the city, to find new models and photo-shoot spots. Some of the more relevant available locations are: The Maid Plaza (maids) BDSM Alley (shibari, gag balls, submissive and dominatrix) Shibari University (shibari, rope bunny) Underground Brothel (sluts kink) Nudist Bitch Beach (micro-bikini, tangs, swimsuits) Lost Lovers Forest (exhibitionism) Main Avenue (the Nudist Parade) Trailer: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/769191 Platform: NSFW PC / SFW Nintendo Switch Price point: Free for Patreon backers / TBA on other platforms. Story-driven gameplay. Easy rhythm mini-games. Exploration and side-quests. Unlockable models photos. City over-world (Persona games map style) Upgradeable photography gear. Kink/fetish oriented content (full list of kinks under development) Models specifically for each type of kinky stereotype (maid, oppai, sugar mommy, slut, etc.) Photo-shoots focused on fetish (feet, light BDSM, lingerie, exhibitionism, oral fixation, etc.) Over 20 different models to meet! I'm working full time on bringing this game to completion. I got help from a few awesome friends, but the Demo (this version in Itch.io) is still kind of unstable. If you want to contact me about comments and doubts you might have please do so at gagz9k@gmail.com ! The planned release date is set to mid December 2020, early 2021! |
  2. Gagz9k

    Hi guys!

    Thank you very much!!
  3. Oh I get what you mean! I really like the use of Paladin in fantasy, but it's definitely a must for lore/worldbuilding to remember that names, languages, words, etc. have origins. It adds that layer of credibility to the creation. One example I like is Tolkien, he was a geek of fantasy languages, and basically made the races of Middle Earth to better represent the languages he made. And that video was very informative! I've a few notes about the real-life evolution of the world Paladin thanks to that, and I'm definitely adding some of the chronological evolution of the meaning of Paladin into the backstory for the Paladins on this world. Thank you very much for the sharing!!
  4. OMG what a great question! I'm kind of a fan of world-building and try to put bits of that on my personal projects, and this is no exception. As it's a lewd focused game I tried to put just a little of the lore into the description and main gameplay. But yes, this world runs on a polytheistic "church", with different adepts for each God of the church's pantheon. The array of gods is quite similar to the Greek pantheon with the added difference that status (Demigod, Minor Gods and Superior Gods) are correlated to the number of followers and adepts that God has (two different things, followers and adepts; as the names implies an adept is a follower who actually draws power from the particular God that person is following, such as a Paladin or a Priest). Lust is actually a Minor God, the Patron of Lustful Thoughts. I've this written in my GDD The Goddess Lust She’s a minor deity, a Demigod, who oversees the carnal side of relationships. She normally can grant small gift to couples or people who want to have better sex. Daria is the first human to ask to worship her, and in doing so the first Adept of Humanly Pleasure was born. Since that moment Lust mockenly become known as the Goddess of Prostitutes, not having a profession previously tied to her Adepts (like Paladins who, for example, serve under Bright Flame, the biggest God of the Pantheon). Having even ONE adept actually elevated the power of Lust in the Pantheon of Gods, and since more and more prostitutes started to follow her and made little sacred shrines she made it to the second tier of Gods, and became a Minor God, with a seat on Cloud Arc, the home of all immortal beings. You can say she IS the God of Lust and her name is also Lust. A bit confusing, but I wanted an super easy name that explicitly reveal her nature. And I was thinking on creating a name-rule for God that make their name common words, in general. Like Bright Flame. And Desire and Romance, for example, are the sisters of Lust (Romance is actually a Major God, and Desire is a minor god, too.) One of the enemy groups of the game are actually followers of Desire. The Occult Sect: Followers of Desire Are a dark chapter of the Church who follow the goddess Desire, a Sister of Lust and Romance. The church want to eradicate the Followers of Desire who use ritualistic sex. The Followers want Daria as the first Dark Paladin, and after she rejects them they are trying to kidnap her. I've around 30 pages of lore and backstory for the game so far, without the script. If the Patreon kickoff I'm planning on making a small series of games and I've a general idea of what will happen in each game. So the lore and this gods are actually important for the general story in the long run. I'm not putting much of this on the first entry, tho. Only mentions are Lust and Desire. Again, thanks for the question and I'm glad it picked your interest!! :D
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    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Absolutely fantastic work! Both the styling as the systems (that battle was beautifully done) are superb. I can't wait to see it fully released! As soon as I can (TDC issues with my bank) I'm supporting this on Patreon DX
  6. Gagz9k

    Hi guys!

    Thank you very much! :D
  7. Lewd New World; The First Quest Fantasy H RPG Game. Link to devlog / patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/annoyednpc Hello there! This is my DevLog post for my new game project; Lewd New World a PC/Android H game, story driven RPG, about finding your true self... and Monster Girls, with weekly updates! But who exactly I am? My name is Gagz, and I’m a UX Designer who REALLY love drawing and game design. My goal right now is making H Game Development for a living. I’ve worked on many games, but this is my first Solo Quest, the story of Daria and Rog, our protagonists, started as a fanart and I created a world around them, fell in love with it and HAD to make it a game. ~ The Story In a fantasy world filled with lustful creatures and Monster Girls, Dalia is a famous dancer at the local pub who wants to become a Paladin. Unfortunately the Paladin’s Guild wont allow a working girl to be a member. At the same time, Rog, an orc lady, is equally rejected in the Wizard’s Guild. Fate will reunite them and put ‘em in the right place at the right time. The town’s fuck boy is kidnapped by a dark mistress and the town in surrendered by an horde of, very sexy, creatures. The guard is busy keeping them at bay, so Daria and Rog offer themselves to rescue the boy. Could this unlikely duo be able to accomplish this quest, or the dark, slimy, tentacles of the dark creatures will take them down. ~ The World The lore and folklore of the game is currently being tune up. This world is, at the start of the game, in between two eras. A conservative rulers of tradition face the changing of times, and they will fight it as hard as they can. At the same time there's a new dark lord threaten all life. This different sides and overarching themes work as a backdrop for the story to unfold. I'm a believe that good stories are the ones that have consistency and good world building, that's why I'm taking the time to create a rich world for the game. And who knows, if everything work out I could make not only a sequel, but even other media related to this world, expanding it and make it more rich and deep. ~ Characters Daria (Darialyth) is the main character. She is an orphan who is in her late 20s who works in the local brothel / bar. She is extremely accomplish as a prostitute and her fame is known in the vicinities, but she wants to be a paladin (one rescue her when she was little) and hate that the church don’t allow sex workers to be one. She wants to change to be the first Lewd Paladin, and she’s willing to make a path with any God that will lend her strength. The Goddess Lust is the one who answers Daria’s call, but is that enough for the Church to admit her as a Paladin? Rog (Roghula ) is a young orc (40 years old in human years, but acts almost like a teeneger due to the slow growth of mythical creatures) who can do a little magic. However she doesn't want to be a shaman or a bard for the orcs army, she wants to be a full flagged wizard, as she has seen them on the battlefield and they looked like the most powerful warriors of all. The orcs mocked her but didn't stop her from going to the city of Wizard. If she can become a powerful wizard that's fine with them, as they only care for power. In the citadel the wizard puts her through the Trials of Magic, and she fails. But she suspected foul play, but when she made an official complaint and asked to be tested again she’s banned from the citadel. More characters bios coming soon! Credits: Yanfly's Plugins - http://yanfly.moe/ Galv message busts - https://galvs-scripts.com/ OrangeOverlay - https://tropicalpuppy.com/ Bitter9k - My awesome girlfriend who made a few scripts for a past project that I;m using here. She does not have a project page, but you can follow her in instagram https://instagram.com/bitter9k
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    Hi guys!

    This is the first time I create an introduction post in a forum in like... 10 years? My name in Alexander Hass, I work as a game producer for a game studio here in Chile, and I'm fulfilling a childhood dream making my first hentai RPG Maker game. So far it has been super fun, I've been thinking about it for a while now (couple years actually). Played a bunch of RPGM games in the past years, both adults and regular. Lots of great stuff. LOTS of weird and very experimental things. And so I went and started a couple things last years, that teach me mostly how to work (again) on RPGM. I'm using MV currently, a BIG jump from the last engine I used (RPG Maker XP and before that RPGM95). I'm going to create a dev. log here on the forums and post updates on Discord.