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  1.  FALALALALALALALALALALA- (there's a song here that expresses my exact feelings about Christmas)

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    2. AutumnAbsinthe


      And the same to you, my friend! I have no idea how to celebrate Yule, but I'm pretty sure there's food? Have a lot of good food!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Yule can be celebrated in any way one chooses, really.


      I intend to not eat a lot. No thank you, lolz

      What I do want, is TO SEE SOME DAMN SNOW. I don't want a six foot burial, but it's going to be nearly sixty for the next several days. This up and down weather is absolutely cruel.

      A lacking and merciless winter this has been, and no, dear, I don't approve...

      Anyway, merci beaucoup, mon ami.

    4. Kayzee


      For us fairies, Yule often means following in a big hunting progression and having a big feast afterwards! And also sometimes we stargaze at night... And hopefully snuggling will be involved at some point! And lots of other things too, depending. Really it really doesn't matter how it's celebrated, it just is!


      Fairies tend to think of holidays like that. Traditions and events are all well and good, but when it comes right down to it holidays are just convenient dates worth celebrating and doing something special on. That doesn't mean they aren't great though! I mean, any day and every day could be a holiday, but celebrating is something a lot of people rather do together. The days that almost everyone you know agrees are worth spending time to celebrate something and doing something special on don't come around that often now do they? Which is probobly for the best, I imagine having yule every day would be exhausting! :3