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  1. Ah, survival horror.

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    2. Kayzee



      1) I entirely agree about puzzle horror. Action horror is an entirely different genre entirely though.

      Most 'action horror' games I think are really more just straight up action games that use horror theming. Kinda like Doom.


      2) I've never played Minecraft, but I've heard about the freaky stuff. I've also seen how some people feel about the Enderman. 😳

      ... Are we still talking horror feelings are are we heading more into Mob Talker territory? Minecraft inspires all sorts of feelings after all. :P


      3) 7 Days To Die and The Forest play the survival part straight while (mostly) keeping within the genre.

      I know games like that exist, I just haven't played them. :3


      Oh. And Wesker wearing sunglasses at, like, 11:00 PM.

      His vision is augmented. Hey that excuse worked for JC Denton!



    3. AutumnAbsinthe


      I also have hypersensitive vision. lolz One of my old friends used to call me Wesker because of it.


      Definitely Mob Talker-


      EDIT: Almost forgot to mention that, technically speaking, RE4 and on count as action horror. Gun down the attacking things with (usually) more ammo than you can shake a stick at, compare to the previous three entries in all their limited ammo and health item glory... RE2 aside, due to somebody actually doing a tally of the ammo after playing aggressively and still having so much.

    4. Kayzee


      I don't think I have hypersensitive vision myself, but bright lights can still be annoying. Honestly I don't really think sunglasses even really make it that much harder to see at night anyway? I don't think they uniformly block all frequencies of light.


      Enderman or Bend her (over) man?


      I haven't really played any of the RE games except I think a little of RE4, so I can't be sure, but it seemed to me like RE4 at least still had a bit of that puzzle horror feel. Not heard anything good about 5 or 6 though. RE7 looked like it sorta returned to the series' puzzle-based roots though, new first person camera nonwithstanding. I haven't played RE7, but I have watched a playthrough or two.