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    Dead Evolution is a serious game.

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    2. Kayzee


      Honestly though? Not sure if I would want to be any kind of furry thing for very long. Can you imagine the hairballs and how hard it would be to clean yourself? Maybe just bunny ears and a tail. Or cat ones! Nyaaaa! <3


      Yeah, also have a sort of inconsistent tone in my game sometimes. Though my game is not quite a horror game and has a lot of silly things in it, it's not quite not a horror game either. I want to kind of saddle the line between silly and creepy and ride it as long as I can. Not sure how good I really am at that though. Listen to this little tune I made for my game for example. Fairly silly right? ...If you don't notice the kind of panicky rythem, slightly alien microtonal harmonies (and/or disharmonies), and unsettling echoing giggles. Then I decided to take a page out of Undertale and make a slowed down version for kicks. :3



    3. PhoenixSoul


      I'd rather have feathers, to be honest, lolz

    4. Kayzee


      Feathers seem kinda just as bad to take care of. Maybe scales?

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