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  1. beep beep

    i'm a sheep

    i said

    beep beep

    i'm a sheep

    1. Kayzee


      Please tell me you have seen the minus8 version. It's obviously the superior version of the video. Just uh... make sure you are someplace private before watching. It's technically SFW (surprising if you know who minus8 is I know), but has some provocative  twerking. Also lots and lots of references.


      Edit: Oh~! I almost forgot! Where is your medisona already? ...It's probobly annoying having me ask about it so much huh? Buuut... I figure I can get away with annoying you at least a little bit so... *pokes you with a stick* :P

    2. AutumnAbsinthe


      Frau Doktor is nearly done! Unfortunately, she has been scheduled into the battlefield until I can manage my time better! gotta draw but i gotta dev but i gotta adult but i gotta game but i gotta

      EDIT: Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang that twerk tho- stahp i'm queer enough as it is- XD


      EDIT 2: